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How to book a gulet cruise?

The best way how to book a gulet cruise is to educate yourself about the product and make sure you get the gulet that suits your wishes the most! You have 2 different possibilities how to book the best gulet cruise.




Possibility no.1 – Educate yourself!

You can do this by reading FAQ on this page or checking out gulet blog!

Or you can also download this brochure for the start here

Navilux Gulet

Possibility no.2 – Contact us right now and send us inquiry.

You can simply submit our online booking form and one of our enthusiastic, knowledgeable booking representatives will be glad to assist you.

We will help you pick the cruise that fits your vacation schedule, tastes, and budget.

We have a “Procedure” which was already successfully tested thousands of times before you and which will 100% guarantee you the best deal according to your wishes!


Possibility no.3 – Get some more info about gulets from our page directly.

Gulets are a truly unique type of holidays and exploring more about the possibilities you have is always fun.

On our page, everything is made in a simple way and the page will easily guide you through the entire process.

It is a 4 step process. 

goolets Logo

1) first you select the destination you are interested in (Turkey, Croatia, Greece),

2) then select if you are interested to rent entire gulet or just a cabin,

3) if you are interested to rent a cabin, you can then browse several different programs and every program is explained in details,

4) if you are interested in private charter, you then can choose between 3 different categories,

5) every category is explained very well and in every category you can check our recommended gulets,

6) when you check which gulets are most interesting for you, again you just send us inquiry and we make a search and check best gulet charter options for you.

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