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Turkey or Croatia cruise? Which one is better?

This is a bit of a delicate subject. Turkey or Croatia cruise? What is better? I hope that after reading this blog post you will know exactly where your next cruise will be.

This question is similar to this one:

“Who do you like more, your Mommy or your Daddy?”


If we put our self in the mind of a 5-year-old child and try to answer this question honestly, the right answer would be: “it depends!”

Shocked by the reply?

But all kids love their parents equally don´t they?

Most of the time, yes but sometimes one of the parents “wins” according to the situation and the timing.

Mommy says you have to go to bed immediately, but your papa says you can stay up for another hour. Who do you like more at that very moment?

You break a TV remote by mistake and your dad goes crazy…where will you run? Where else rather than to your mummy´ lap? 🙂 Who wins the war now?

It´s similar when we talk about Turkey gulet cruises or Croatia gulet cruises.

The winner depends on:

1) what kind of group you are? (family with kids, seniors, party group, study group, company on a team building exercise etc.)

2) when you are traveling? (low season or high season – you want to swim, party, hike or have a biking holiday etc.)

3) how much money you are willing to spend (the budget also matters in this competition)

4) what kind of food you like more (different countries have different food)

5) your overall taste (like some people like Audi cars and some like BMW cars, it is same here)

Let us make a couple of combinations which will help you in your decision!


1. You like to escape the crowds and just cruise around bays and nature and snorkel in bays; if you like Turkish food, if incredible hospitality makes you very happy; if you like to shop and if you wish for a bit more quality accommodation for your budget!

Kaputas 3

2. You are into history explorations, ruins, guided trips to this sites, visiting old castles and even diving into some interesting historical sites. Turkey is really full of history and this makes it very interesting destination – if you like this of course.


3. You are traveling in a low season and you also wish to party. While June and September are not any more superb destinations to party outside of the gulet anymore, the longer season in Turkey is still full of people in Marmaris or Bodrum bar streets. Stay close to these towns and mix in some private parties on a gulet and you have a winning combination.

Turkey party gulet cruise



1. You want to go out of the gulet every single day to visit amazing towns, ports, and islands; if you like Dalmatian food; if you like hiking, biking and exploring nature parks; and if fluid English is 100% must have a preference.
2. You are traveling in high season and you want to party! Hvar, Brač, Vis, Korčula, Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Vodice, Trogir, Petrčane…you can party every single night in a different town and different disco.

3. You like to explore lots of different islands and see the most amazing nature ever (Kornati Islands, Krka Watterfalls…) I personally believe that Croatia has slightly nicer nature than Turkey.


Okay, so which one is better – Turkey or Croatia?

It ´s the same as asking me who do I like more – my mother or my father.

It depends on what I am looking for at that very moment.

Turkey has more history, you can get better gulets for the money, the selection of ships is better, the hospitality is amazing, you are more flexible in organizing your food and drinks, you will have better weather in May, June and September, October and you will have more shopping possibilities.

Croatia has, for me, the most amazing coastline in the World (easily comparable to the Caribbean) more than 1,000 Islands to visit and lots of nice picturesque towns and ports to see, the services on the gulets are also amazing (but do not expect them to be super affordable) and in July and August it is not so crazy hot as it is in Turkey.


Considering all these points I would say it is 50/50!.

But again it all depends on what you are looking for.

What I suggest you can do?

1) List your wishes! (What would you like to do the most during your holiday?)

2) Think at least a little bit about how much you would be willing to spend!

3) List your dates!

4)Think about your group in general – what would they like the most.

5) Fill out the plan your dream holiday inquiry form and send us your requirements.

And we will be more than happy to advise you on what would be better for YOU!

Mitja Mirtič

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