Things to do in Korčula on your yacht charter getaway

Korčula is the 6th biggest Croatian island that belongs to the central Dalmatian archipelago, separated from the Pelješac peninsula by a narrow strait. People call it “Little Dubrovnik” because of its medieval squares, churches, palaces, and houses.

Korčula is well known for being the reputed birthplace of the traveler Marco Polo in 1254. 

Scenic view of Adriatic sea bay in Croatia, island Korcula snorkeling

It is a favorite among yacht lovers who love to escape the crowds and enjoy in privacy and beauty this island offers.

Goolets is including Korčula in your yacht charter itinerary so that you can immerse yourself in Korčula’s narrow walkways and discover adorned palaces from the comfort of the yacht we choose for you. 


Interesting facts about Korčula

  • It's the birthplace of Marco Polo
  • It has two Michelin recommended restaurants
  • The old town city walls from above look like a fishbone!
  • Trojan warrior Antenor founded Korčula in the 11th century BC

Must-see attractions

Here are some of the attractions you can not afford to miss.

KORCULA, CROATIA - Main gate of old town of Korcula

Revelin Tower

The Revelin Tower from 1485 protects the area between the Arsenal and the Land Gate Tower. Above the entrance to the Land Gate, there are two symbols marking Korčula’s history: a bas-relief with the winged lion of St. Mark, a symbol of the reign of the Venetian Republic, and a stone tablet commemorating the 1000th anniversary of the coronation of the first Croatian king, Tomislav


Marco Polo Exhibition

Marco Polo, the famous explorer, was born in Korčula. Through this exhibition, you can embark on a journey from Korčula, see him in a desert caravan, and follow him to the palace of the famous Mongolian emperor Kublai Khan in one of the seven exhibition halls. The exhibit truly brings to life his adventures with outstanding set design and realistic figures.


St. Mark’s Cathedral

St. Mark’s Cathedral is the most attractive Gothic and Renaissance building in Korčula. It was built by local stonemasons between 14th and 16th century with the support of Italian masters. The most famous local stonemason was Marko Andrijić, whose masterpieces are the upper part of the campanile and the ciborium above the high altar in the central nave. The Gothic and Romanesque main portal was built by the Italian master, Bonino da Milano.

Town museum

Town Museum

The Korčula Town Museum is located in the Gabrielis Palac and it's a perfect example of the residential architecture of the 15th and 16th centuries. The central square of the old town boasts a decorative stone façade, with balconies and family crests Gabrielis. Here you can witness the cultural and economic history of Korčula from prehistoric times to the present day.

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Best yachts in Croatia

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The best restaurants, bars, and wineries to consider in Korčula

Several places where you can expect only the superb food and drinks experience. Goolets has personal contacts with the owners of these places. They take special care of our guests. 

Moro beach bar

Moro Beach Stupe

Address: Stupe bb, 20260, Korčula

Moro Beach Stupe is one of a kind beach concept in a natural lagoon located on Vela Stupa islet, a short hop from Korčula town in the heart of the Adriatic Sea. The bar is a kind of place that doesn't limit happiness to an hour. Visit them with Goolets to relax, swim, laugh, drink, dance, and enjoy some seriously good food.

De Canavellis

Restaurant De Canavellis

Address: Sv. Barbare 15, 20260, Korčula

De Canavellis is a top-quality restaurant located on the port promenade of Korčula. It has indoor, between the walls, on the walls, and inside the tower tables. The restaurant is offering high-quality service and food and is positioning itself to become the best in Korčula. 


Agroturizam Grubinjac 

Address: Put Žrnova, 20275, Žrnovo

Grubinjac is a local family-owned restaurant with local food. Located in the small village of Žrnovo outside of Korčula city, this location is taking you into the veins of local experience. An amazing top-quality menu filled with local traditional meals and an excellent atmosphere is worth seeing. 


Cocktail bar All Saints 

Address: Ulica Dobrotvornosti 1, 20260, Korčula

All Saints is an amazing cocktail bar with a beautiful atmosphere. It has live music during the summer and some pretty nice chill atmospheres. The plan for 2022 is getting a further upgrade, and the bar will have a glass floor over the old excavation site. 


Cocktail Bar Massimo 

Address: Šetalište Petra Kanavelića, 20260, Korčula

Massimo is located on top of the old defensive fortification tower on the north part of Korčula. It has amazing views on the west (TOP sunset view), north (towards Peljesac Peninsula), and east (towards Korčula archipelago). Getting a few drinks on the sunset after or before the dinner, or just enjoying the sight from the top towards the harbor is just breathtaking. 

 Loving couple tasting wines in winery cellar

Wine Bar Bokar

Address: Ul. Sv Roka 15, 20260, Korčula

Bokar is a great wine bar that will give you the best possible experience of local wines of Korčula and its surroundings. You can hear the stories from lifelong professionals and wine enthusiasts here. You can have a wine tasting as well. 

Wine tasting

Witis Winery 

Address: Lumbarda 474, 20263, Lumbarda

Vitis winery is located in the town of Lumbarda on the island of Korčula. It is a local family-owned vineyard and gives you a great local wine tasting experience. 

Things to do

There's plenty of exciting ideas to do on Korčula island.


Pelješac Archipelago Cruise

Pelješac archipelago cruise is an ideal opportunity to explore the local history and culture of the iconic town. You will sail from the Pelješac peninsula to the first Greek colony of Lumbarda on the other side of the channel, visiting all the little places and islets, as well as having the chance to swim in the most beautiful, hidden bays in the southern Adriatic Sea.

Badija island

Badija islet

Badija is an islet in the eastern part of the Pelješac channel with a surface of around 1 kilometer. That yacht can anchor close to this great swimming spot, and your crew can take you on this islet with a dinghy. You'll see a monastery and also some deers on the beach. They are friendly and you can even feed them. 


Cycling through Korčula

Experience beautiful nature and wonderful Mediterranean climate and cultural heritage in and around Korčula by bike. Cycle carefree with your guide along beautiful bays on the greenest island of Croatia. 

buggy ride

Korčula buggy ride

Nice buggy ride around the east part of the Korčula island. It's suitable for everyone and not extreme. Note that this is not a racing excursion because buggies are two-seaters - one person drives one way and the other on the back. Olive tasting is also included in this tour. 

history tour

History tour of Korčula city

We know the most charismatic tour guide in Hvar. She can come to the docking location of the yacht and start the tour in front of the yacht.

The tour takes you around the old city of Korčula and she tells you the story of the city's origins, architecture, strategic location. During the whole tour, she plays a very unique storytelling role in the theme of Marco Polo, in a way you have never experienced before. 

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