The town of Vodice is a tourist center that has various tourist offer and lively atmosphere.
It is a coastal town located in a wide bay, 11 km northwest of the town of Šibenik.
The town of Vodice is considered to be an ideal place for a vacation where everyone can find something that they will enjoy. History lovers will love to explore sites that go back as early as the prehistoric age. Cultural and historical remains are hidden everywhere and lead to this magical town.



1) The town was founded in Roman Times
2) “Vodice” means “small waters” because it was famous for water resources for the whole surrounding area
3) One of the best nightclubs in Croatia is located here!
4) There are many gorgeous pebble and sandy beaches

Vodice by night


Church of Carmel

Church of Carmel

Looking from the sea, the panorama of Vodice is dominated by the Okit hill and a church of Our Lady of Carmel. On this elevation, the first church was erected in the 17th century, probably on the foundations of the even older small chapel. Later, at the beginning of the 20th century, from the foot up to the top of the hill, the Way of the Cross was made, with fourteen small chapels. The church was extended several times, it was destroyed twice. We recommend hiking to this place because you will truly get the best views and you can even go on a picnic at the surrounding area.


If you are among those who really want to rest while on vacation, Srima is the right choice for you. You can choose among a number of private apartments right on the seaboard. After you have your breakfast on the terrace, you will literally step down to a beautifully maintained beach and clean sea.
If you feel like some summer partying after a whole day of lying in the sun and swimming, Vodice is not far away. Vodice and Srima have actually been one for a long time – few people know where Vodice stops and Srima begins.

Srima view


Presenting few restaurants, cafe, and market where you can expect only superb food, produce and amazing dishes for good prices. Everything you need for gastronomic superb experience

Tavern 3 Pinura

Tavern “3 Pinura”

Restaurant Tri Piruna is one of the first restaurants in the town of Vodice.  The interior is dominated by wood and local stone. The setting is created by authentic old Dalmatian objects and elements such as wooden furniture, old grandmother’s cupboards, tablecloths, old brick, chandeliers.  Dishes are prepared by traditional recipes, but in a modern way, where the offer is constantly changing and complementing the attractive daily offerings of selected seasonal foods. Proud users of local food producers and local fisherman’s fish.


Tavern “Gušte”

Tavern “Gušte” is placed in traditional Dalmatian street, among the old stone houses, in the old part of Vodice. This tavern is the first steak house in Dalmatia  Friendly and relaxed staff will share with you some of the traditional Dalmatian jokes and show you that specific Mediterranean sense of humor. Because of that personal approach to the guests, you will definitely feel like part of the big Gušte family. Visit them and experience the magical Dalmatian atmosphere and perfect taste of domestic meat specialties.


Tavern “Okit”

Sitting pretty in a prime harbor-front spot with lots of polished wood and a slim covered terrace, this elegant place is one of Zadar’s best restaurants. The cooking marries fresh Croatian produce, rich French-style sauces and plenty of Italian touches. The seafood, however, is a touch on the pricey side, but it is well worth the price.