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Turkish gulet cruise: How much does it cost

A Turkish gulet cruise is a truly unique way of spending your holidays

You can rent a gulet or rent a cabin and cruise along the amazing coast of Turkey away from large crowds and overpopulated beaches.

But where to start?

What to book?

How much will this cost you?

Where can you start your Turkish gulet cruise?

You have several possibilities:

1. You can fly to Bodrum (Milas) airport and start the Turkish gulet cruise from Bodrum, which is one of the best places to start. Bodrum has the largest fleet of DELUXE and LUXURY gulets for charter and the level of services are at the highest level there.

2. You can also fly to Dalaman airport and this gives you 3 different choices where you can start the Turkish gulet cruise:


Gocek Harbor

Gocek Harbor can be the first option. This is laid ”marina town” and is the home of the some of the most amazing vessels you can find in Turkey. Gocek is also closest to Dalaman airport (only 30 minutes drive with a car).

Selimiye Marmaris

Marmaris town

Marmaris town is the second option. The transfer from the airport is a bit longer (around 1,5 – 2 hours) and it offers different concept as Gocek. While Gocek is more of laid back place, Marmaris is famous by its amazing Bar street, it is a bit more busy town with lots of restaurants and very nice castle overlooking the city.



Last but not least, Fethiye is a very nice option also. Same as Marmaris it is a bigger town with lots of different gulet rental possibilities to choose from. You will need around 1 or 1,5 hours to get there from Dalaman airport.

How much will Turkish gulet cruises cost you?

The price range in Turkey is huge! You can book an economy cabin charter Gulet Cruise holidays for as low as € 210 per person per week in low season including full board accommodation. On the other hand, you have some of the best gulets in the world there which can cost up to € 100.000 per week or more. The good news is that you can find yourself almost anywhere in between of this huge price range.

To make easier for you, we have separated Turkish gulets into only 3 main categories:

Standard gulet

Standard gulets

Gulets that cost less than € 1.000 per person per week.

Luxury gulet

Luxury gulets

Gulets that cost from € 1.000 – € 1.500 per person per week.

Deluxe gulet

Deluxe gulets

Gulets that cost from € 1.500 per person per week.

If you are not 100% sure Turkish gulet cruise is for you I would suggest you contact our sales team and ask them any question you have on your mind. They will be happy to help you determine if this is an appropriate holiday for you or not.

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