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Things to do in Brač when chartering a yacht

Brač is the largest island in central Dalmatia with amazing vineyards, olives, forests, cliffs, and an outstanding mountain peak. 

This island is most known for its beach Zlatni rat in Bol, which is included on the list of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world.


By being so closely connected with the city of Split, Brač is a great starting point for your private yacht charter.

Goolets can organize your charter trip to visit the main towns Supetar and Bol, OR more peaceful and charming places such as Pučišća, Postira, and Bobovišća, whichever you prefer. 


Interesting facts about Brač:

  • Zlatni Rat is the most famous beach in Croatia
  • The oldest Wine Association in Dalmatia dates back to 1903, located in Bol
  • Stone from Brač was used for White House decorations
  • Mt. Vidova Gora on Brač is the highest island peak in the country 

Must-see attractions 

Here are some of the attractions you can not afford to miss.

Zlatni Rat famous turquoise beach in Bol on Brac island view Dalmatia Croatia

Beach Bol

Bol is the oldest coastal settlement on Brač. It exists in the solitude of the southern landscape, at the foot of the Bol crown and Vidova Mountain – the highest point of all the Adriatic islands at 778 meters.

Vidova Gora mountain on Brac

Vidova Mountain

Vidova Gora (778m) is the highest peak on the island of Brač, as well as the highest mountain peak on the Adriatic. From the top of Vidova Gora, there is a divine view of Bol, Zlatni Rat, and the island of Hvar. It is located in the southern part of Brač, just above Bol.

Pustinja Blaca stone desert hermitage on Brac island

Blaca Monastery

The Blaca desert is special in so many ways it’s sufficient to say you won’t find anything similar anywhere else! It stretches for fifty-six acres, between Dragovode and Blaca bay. It is considered a desert because of the scarce nature which surrounds the beautiful monastery, which in itself holds the second largest telescope in Europe.  Today, this is one of the most favourite hiking destinations and picture worthy sights.

Olive Oil Museum

The olive oil museum shows the traditional process of olive oil production on Brac. Here you can view the old olive mills, presses, and all the traditional tools for transport, production, and storage of olive oil.

Milna church – Our Lady of Annunciation

Milna a baroque-style church built in 1783. The church is adorned with an ornate facade and stone steps leading up to it. Its tall bell tower, built in the 16th century, is older than the church itself. Part of the church is also the sacristy – the original small church built in 1519. The inside of the church is cathedral-like, with plenty of light, seven marble altars, and valuable altarpieces, as well as paintings by Venetian artists.


Lighthouse Ražanj

The lighthouse was built in 1874, on the westernmost tip of Brač. Its octagonal stone tower and the adjoining building occupy 110m2. The tower rises from the middle of the facade, with a lantern-room at the top. One of the most famous lighthouses in Brač.


Archaeological site Gradina in Ložišća

Gradina Rat is a prehistoric settlement complex from the Late Bronze Age. Archaeologists found living quarters made of interwoven twigs plastered with clay dating back to 3000 years BC. The bronze objects discovered at the site are evidence of a prehistoric community that disappeared with the arrival of the Romans. Among the many, locally made ceramic pottery artefacts were also pieces of fine pottery imported from Greek or Italian cultures sometime in the last millennium BC. A part of a spear, an axe, and a sickle which were found on the site are in the archives of the Otok Brač foundation.

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The best restaurants and taverns to consider in Brač

Several places where you can expect only superb food, drinks, and experience. Goolets has personal contacts with the owners of these places. They take special care of our guests.  

Tavern Riva

Frane Radića 5, 21420, Bol

The restaurant Riva with the longest tradition and distinctive cuisine is located in the very centre of the town’s port. It occupies two floors of an old stone house built in traditional Dalmatian style. The first floor holds a restaurant with a kitchen and barbecue grill, and there’s also a restaurant terrace, which is open during the tourist season and offers a magnificent view of the whole port and the island of Hvar in the distance.

Restaurant Mali Raj

Put Zlatnog rata 56, 21420, Bol

Restaurant Mali Raj (Little Paradise) is located in a wonderful place directly above the beach Zlatni Rat. It is easily accessible by car, with its own parking for guests. It can also be reached on foot, with a promenade direction to the west of town Bol.

Restaurant Galicija

D114 355, 21405, Milna

Sitting pretty in a prime harbour-front spot with plenty of polished wood and a slim covered terrace. The cooking marries fresh Croatian produce, rich French-style sauces and plenty of Italian touches.

Things to do

There's plenty of exciting ideas to do on Brač island. 


Wine Tasting

Discover all the beauties of the local wine selection and visit small, romantic island villages. You will enjoy the beautiful scenario of the island, untouched nature and interesting Dalmatian architecture. You will also get to know the owners of family wineries who will charm you with their excellent wines.

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