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Planning to stop in Vis with your yacht? Here are best things to there!

The island of Vis is one the most precious islands in Dalmatia that still offers many things to do while you are yachting here. This place was relatively untouched by massive tourism due to its distant position from the coast, which makes this place even more attractive for those looking for privacy. It is truly lost and found treasure. During your private yacht charter, you must visit places like stunning Stiniva beach and Blue Cave, as well as a host of other attractions that will dazzle you. The easiest way to reach this island is to start your cruise from Split and after visiting a few islands along the way you can reach Vis and enjoy your stay.

The best private marinas, ports or anchor points

You have few options on where & how you can start your cruise.


are usually crowded with lots of people and other ships, yachts & motor sailors. But the locations are best! You step out of the gulet and you are in the heart of the city. If this is what you like, it is perfect. (Your option in Vis: Vis port, Komiža Port)

On Anchor: 

this means gulet is on anchor close to the main port and you are transferred from port to gulet with a dinghy/zodiac. Some people find this uncomfortable, and it can be unconvinient for seniors, but some love the adventure. (Your option in Vis: Stončica , Budikovac Veli,U. Milna, U. Slatine).


Most popular choice 

Town of vis CROP

City Port of Vis

Marina Vis is located in the city port, quite large being able to berth up to 100 boats. The unique atmosphere of the old coastal city along with an abundance of restaurants and bars around the marina, market, and supermarkets provides complete comfort for nautical experts.

Interesting facts about Vis

  • The Ancient Greeks called it Issa
  • Beach Stiniva was rated the best beach in Europe in 2016
  • It’s famous for its special food and wine
  • Blue Cave is located right next to Vis

Must see attractions 


Blue Cave

This is one of the main reasons why people came to Croatia! Blue Cave is one of the most unique natural phenomena of the world. With its silvery-blue color, created by the refraction of sunlight entering through a crack in the cave, it leaves everyone impressed. It was only recently the cave was open for the public and it’s been a must-see attraction ever since.

Green Cave

The cave on Ravnik island is well-known as the Green Cave. Over the years the cave has been formed by abrasion, with two entrances and an aperture on the top through which light enters, reflecting the colours from the sea bottom, painting its walls green. It had a great role in the period of the Second World War as it was used as a shelter for warships.

Amazing Stinva beach of Vis island Dalmatia Croatia 2

Stiniva Beach

Rated the top beach in Europe in 2016 – and for good reason. Stiniva Bay is located in the southern part of the island of Vis and is approachable from the sea through a narrow passage where the bay broadens and ends on a beautiful beach. There is no road leading to the bay and for this reason, it has managed to preserve its natural beauty.


Fort George

Named after the English commander of Vis, George Duncan Robertson, Fort George is hard to miss. There are gaps for cannons on the interior terrace and all the walls are secured by loop-holes – best experienced on a bike as it’s a mostly uphill, but it’s going downhill where you’ll experience the spectacular view.

The best restaurants to consider in Vis

Several restaurants, cafes, and markets where you can expect only the superb food and amazing dishes for a good price. Everything you need for a superb culinary experience.

Tavern Golub

Podselje 12, 21480, Vis

This restaurant Golub specializes in meals cooked “under the bell” – a grid is put over a bed of charcoal and a weighty metallic dome – the bell – is placed and covered with more hot charcoal. It’s can be a long process – the octopus, for example, takes four hours to cook! – but it’s a great way to experience traditional food in a small, quiet place.

Tavern Lola

Ul. Matije Gupca 12, 21480, Vis

This charming place by the name Lola will astound you with its beautifully landscaped garden, where the tables are protected from the greenery. A combination of indigenous ambiance, scenery, and a cheerful spirit appeals to everyone throughout the year. You can always refresh with a cold drink and enjoy the green terrace, especially in the evening when the spark plugs light up, illuminating the tavern and turning Lola into a very romantic place.

Tavern Jastožera

Ul. Ivana Gundulića 6, 21485, Komiža

Once, an Italian customs’ officer named Balicco came up with the idea to build a facility in which he could breed and keep lobsters. His plan began its realization in 1883. Since then, the building has been used as a lobster storehouse for trading purposes, but this place is the perfect location to eat lobster given its beautiful ambiance. You are guaranteed quality in tavern Jastožera.

Tavern Rokis

Plisko Poje 17, Vis, Island of Vis 21480, Croatia

Rokis is a family company established in 1991, continuing from a 200-year-old family tradition of wine production. The legend says that the first Roki came from Genoa, Italy, at the beginning of the 19th century during the Napoleonic wars. He worked as a craftsman, gaining possession of a house in Pliskom Polje and planting vineyards through marrying a wealthy girlfriend. Tavern Rokis is one of the most favorite places to eat in Vis.

Tavern Bako

Ul. Ivana Gundulića 1, 21485, Komiža

When you visit Bako you will most definitely enjoy sitting in the shade of tamarisk trees and discovering the unique atmosphere. Bako’s interior will bring you to the distant past: its stone walls are covered with photos, fishing lanterns, and nets, which show how Komiža once was. They offer local specialties where their Komiža bread, a stew of lobster and various fish dishes stand out in quality and taste.

Restaurant Hum

Ul. Riva Svetoga Mikule 5, 21485, Komiža

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the culinary delights made according to the traditional cuisine in a beautiful ambient of Hum restaurant with a view of the sea. They offer a wide range of fresh fish, sea dishes, beautiful meat, and lobster. You can also enjoy a plentiful breakfast in the morning and a perfect dessert. Enjoy a nice summer breeze with your favorite food and people.

Day trips and excursions

Plenty of exciting ideas and things to do in Vis

Military Tour

Visit ex-army bases and the submarine tunnel, used as a shelter for naval boats and submarines in the ‘70s and ‘80s. These tunnels were built before the split of Yugoslavia and are super interesting because of their location, size, and purpose.


Wine Tour

For the wine connoisseur among us, this wine tour includes a car transfer to the most attractive vinery Vis has to offer, tasting the best local wines – Plavac (red) & Vugava (white). There’s also the possibility of tasting liquors and grappas. This winery is located within the old reconstructed military tunnel, so you can pack your day full of fun with both attractions.

Island Palagruža

Palagruža is a small remote Croatian archipelago in the middle of the Adriatic Sea. It consists of one larger island – Vela, or “Velika”, meaning “the great” Palagruža – and a smaller island, Mala” – which literally means “small” Palagruža, as well as a dozen nearby rocks and reefs composed of dolomite. All the main islets are in the form of steep ridges, which makes for a stunning sight.

City attractions

Historical and modern

George castle on island Vis

Venetian Castle

A fortress dating from the XVI century, located on the Riviera of Komiža and built by the Venetian authorities in order to save the city from possible Turks and pirate attacks. The Fishermen’s Museum is also located here, so there’s plenty of things to see and do. Today, it is known for being one of the main attractions in Komiža.

Summer Cinema Komiža/Vis

There are two summer cinemas in Vis, situated right by the sea. The cinema’s atmosphere takes you back to older times and the ferry docking in the port only adds to the charm of evening screenings. Open-air venues are common in Dalmatia, truly a one of a kind experience.


Hum is the highest peak on Vis, standing at 572 meters, you can experience the beautiful panoramic view of the Adriatic coast and archipelago. There is also the small Church of the Holy Spirit from the 15th century, and close by is a runway for paragliders while above military radar emerges, the last functional military object on the island for which an approach is banned, as is walking around the fenced area.

Stončica Beach

Stončica Beach is located near the famous lighthouse on the north side of the island of Vis. It’s a beautiful sandy beach which found itself within the ecological network because of its sandy bottom and astonishing reefs. The water is shallow, which makes it ideal for families. There are also various facilities such as restaurants and bars to fully enjoy while you are in Stončica – the perfect place to hide from the summer heat under the trees.


St. Cyprian and Justin’s church

On the eastern part of the Port of Vis, built above the high and picturesque steps, is the late Baroque church and bell-tower of St. Cyprian and Justin. Although it was built later, the steps and church located on the small square amongst the houses are an excellent Baroque creation, resembling the large steps of the Jesuit Church in Dubrovnik. Ruins of a small church can also be seen from the walled-up Gothic window and on the back of the current church, which was built in 1742.

Where to stay in Vis

These hotels & villas will make your stay magical

Hotel San Giorgio 

Set in a quiet lane just a short stroll away from the glittering blue sea, Hotel San Giorgio offers the most intimate charming atmosphere, stylish rooms, and a stunning garden. Their warm, friendly, and easy going team take genuine care to make your holiday special.

Villa Nonna

Villa Nonna is traditional but has the most modern equipment – all apartments have air conditioning, a safe, electronic locks, quality mattresses, and satellite TV. They will do everything at Villa Nonna and more to make your stay unforgettable!

Villa Roca

This luxurious villa offers spectacular views of the sea, a sun terrace with a swimming pool, and a cascading Mediterranean landscaped garden, which flows into a private rocky beach with crystal clear aquamarine water. It feels like a little piece of the Caribbean in the heart of Europe.

Tourist boards of Vis

Here you can find additional information about the interesting things in Vis such as the history of Vis, museums, culture, or any other events that are happening when you are here.


Tourist Board of Vis

For more information at city centre you can visit Town of Vis Tourist board:
Address: Šetalište Stare Isse 5
21480 town of Vis
Phone: +385 (0)21 717 017

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