Wedding boat prices

Wedding Boat Prices - Concrete Numbers

You don't like when somebody says - wedding boat prices depend on a lot of factors. You like when you see concrete numbers immediately. Well, here you have it directly, prices for bigger and smaller wedding boats.

Note: In this case, boat size is measured by the number of cabins.

Bigger boats

Bigger boats (for more than 20 people)

Smaller boats

Smaller boats (for up to 20 people)

Prices for even smaller boats (from 6 to 7 cabins) are available here.

Prices for the smallest boats (up to 5 cabins) are available here.

Okay, these are the wedding boat prices. But what about the wedding ceremony, reception, and the whole organization? Those costs really do vary, depending on the ceremony location, number of guests, quality of wedding planner services, and so on... 

Click here for more details regarding these expenses, or contact our sales advisors.

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