Cruise ship wedding

Cruise Ship Wedding: Total Costs

How much do the ceremony, reception, and whole boat wedding organization cost? It really varies a lot, depending on your location, number of guests, date, boat quality, and so on...

However, we tried our best to provide you an answer to this complex question. 

Stay tuned...

We can only express you in relative terms, that is, percentages. 

For your wedding ceremony and reception, here is the general layout:

  • 45% of your budget is going for the dinner and drinks 
  • 17% of your budget is going for the decorations
  • 15% of your budget is going for the photographer and videographer
  • 8% of your budget is going for the planning and organization
  • 7% of your budget is going for the celebration and music
  • 5% of your budget is going for the documents, transport, cake, hairstylist, and makeup artist
  • 3% of your budget is going for the location rent

Note: We make suggestions for locations and suppliers according to your wishes. In doing so, we are preparing an approximate calculation of the price of the entire wedding. The calculation includes suppliers that vary by price range and the services they provide. The wedding planner only suggests, but you have the last word in choosing the location and vendor that suits you.

For wedding boat rental prices, they are counted separately from the wedding-related costs. 

If you want concrete numbers, simply go here.

For any additional questions or dilemmas, we are available here.

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