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Comparison Croatia, Turkey & Greece!

This is our personal view on all 3 main gulet cruise countries which can be subjective. We have cruised in all 3 destinations and according to our experience, we will share the thoughts with you. For detailed comparisons, we suggest you one out of many traveler guides such as the lonely planet or trip adviser.

Gulet cruises in Croatia

Croatia has truly perfect coastline with lots of islands and picturesque Mediterranean towns, which allows you to organize any kind of trip you wish. Either you wish to stay most of the time on anchor in peace and quiet or you wish to check different touristic town every day – both are possible. Distances between the islands are “normal” so you do not have to cruise more than 3 or 4 hours every day to experience a lot of different things. The best thing in Croatia is the possibility to spend every night in different town on a different island, go out of the gulet, explore and enjoy great cuisine. The main season in Croatia is from the middle of July until the middle of August. September and June are also very very nice in Croatia. While in Turkey you can also swim in October and May Croatia is good in this periods mainly for sightseeing, which is also lots of fun.

Gulets for charter in Croatia


Gulet cruises in Turkey

Turkey in comparison to Croatia lacks the islands and smaller charming Med towns which you can explore out of the gulet. Turkey is most famous for the immense beauty of the bays incredibly turquoise sea and for sleeping under the stars during the night which is a truly amazing experience. Besides that Turkey also has incredibly rich history and you can make many interesting trips to the main land and check several archeological trips during the cruise. Turkey is also probably the best country when it comes to hospitality and you can get the gulets which have best quality and services for best prices. High season in Turkey is entire July and August while maybe the best weather (not so hot) is in June and September when not only temperatures but also the prices go down a lot. In October and May, the weather is still good enough and prices are truly flexible.

Luxury gulet charter in Turkey

Gulet cruises in Greece

Greece has a similar concept as Croatia. You have several different areas where you can find a lot of islands, such as the Cyclades, Ionian islands, Dodecanese islands, Sporades……The itinerary possibilities are truly vast and Greek islands are Worldwide famous. The only problem is the number of gulets in Greece is limited. Most of the gulets are inside DELUXE – ULTRA LUXURY gulet category, so if you wish to cruise on Standard or Luxury gulets you should rent a gulet in Turkey and cruise Dodecanese islands (Rhodes, Kos, Symi….). Greece has the highest season in July and August, however also the June and September are very nice, as the winds calm down. May and October can already be very windy and rainy so the cruises in that time depend on a bit of luck.

Gulet charter in Greece


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