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Destination Maldives

The Maldives

Over 1,000 islands covered by white sandy beaches, lush greenery, and surrounded by warm turquoise water, the Maldives is one of the most loved yachting destinations. There are quite a few amazing yachts available for charter, so we made a list of the creme de la creme.

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Destination Maldives

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The best way to find the ideal yacht is to request a personalized list. There, you can submit your preferences, and we will send you a preliminary list of vessels that match your criteria.

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Destination Maldives

Yachts For Charter in the Maldives

Exploring the Maldives' archipelago onboard a luxury yacht is the ultimate way. With a length of over 40 meters and enough room for up to 20 guests, they are perfect for larger groups. With our extensive search process, we are able to find just the perfect fit for you.

Destination Maldives

Finding The Perfect Yacht in the Maldives

Our global yacht charter search systems allow us to have direct access to every available charter vessel in the Maldives. Below are the yachts that deserve special attention due to their overall excellence in terms of quality, pricing, performance, value, and crew.

The Maldives yachts - Market overview

ASHENA Anchored


94.000 €



Maldives | 45 Meters | 6 Cabins | 13 Crew
AZALEA Anchored


71.000 €



Maldives | 38 Meters | 9 Cabins | 13 Crew
ARK NOBLE Anchored


70.000 €


Ark Noble

Maldives | 38 Meters | 10 Cabins | 12 Crew
SAFIRA Anchored


60.000 €



Maldives | 43 Meters | 10 Cabins | 10 Crew

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Destination Maldives

Route Planning

The Maldives offers endless route options, and because we want you to have the best yachting experience, we can help you with the planning. Whether you and your group want to go snorkeling, hiking, or discovering the most pristine beaches, we can suggest the best route options.

The Maldives yachting routes


  • It will provide you with a clear idea of the best available option for your yacht charter
  • It will help you better understand and determine your preferences and expectations
  • It will help us to tailor a search of the most appropriate yachts for you, and negotiate the best price with the yacht owner/s

There are thousands of yachts for charter, and selecting the one that best suits your group’s preferences, budget, and taste is challenging, especially if you are a first-time charterer. 

Our hand-picked, “award-winning”, highly recommended yachts are the best in class. The list will give you a clear understanding of what is possible, and the costs, without the need to cross-reference against the hundreds of other yachts. The list provides a refined, personalized selection of up to 10 vessels, across different price ranges, so you can make an informed decision.

It will highlight the best “value for money” yachts; and subject to availability on your chosen dates at the destination you desire, everything will come together for a memorable experience at sea.

This is a process of elimination that will deliver the most appropriate yacht for your holiday.

It is crucial that we, at Goolets, gain a thorough understanding of your preferences and expectations from the beginning, so that we can undertake a comprehensive, tailored search. Please consider the following:

  • Do you prefer modern or classic yachts? 
  • Do you prioritize the size of the yacht or the age of the yacht? 
  • What do you expect from your crew? Highly attentive at all times, or more in the background?
  • Would you prefer a younger crew, full of energy and sociable; or less so?
  • Do you need a faster yacht to explore more places and cover more ground, or is this not so important?
  • Do you prefer larger cabins and a spacious salon/living area, or you are more of an outdoor person?
  • Do you prefer a more luxurious yacht, or to allocate more of your budget to food/beverages and activities (water sports/land excursions/tours/bike rental, etc)?

Once we have noted your preferences, we will compile a shortlist of possibilities comprising 5 to 10 yachts of varying specifications (size, interior style, type of crew, etc); following which, we will narrow this down to 2 or 3 options, all of which would make excellent choices. 

This process can be repeated with multiple permutations to arrive at the most suitable selection.

This process - refined over the past 15 years - delivers successful charters and satisfied customers.

We specialize in crewed vessels, where prices can range anywhere from € 5,000 per week up to more than € 1 million per week. Most of our charters fall into three price levels: 

  • From € 10,000 to € 30,000 per week: This price range has the largest variety of yachts, and includes smaller vessels - motor and sail, gulets, classic yachts, and catamarans. When booking, it is important to ensure proper maintenance inspections have been carried out, and the crews are professionally trained, speak fluent English, and can provide excellent service.  Around 30% of our customers book vessels in this range. 
  • From € 30,000 to € 100,000 per week: This price level is becoming more popular every season. It includes a wide range of yachts, traditional and modern. These are high-specification vessels offering every imaginable comfort. Around 50% of our clients book yachts in this price range. 
  • From € 100,000 per week: This price level includes ultra-luxury vessels such as mega yachts. These are the most highly sought-after charter yachts in the world, with a wide range of high-end water “toys” onboard - including jet skis, a helipad, and even a submarine. These charters are very bespoke and every detail is managed to cater to exacting requirements.  A small percentage of our clients book these superyachts. 

Yes, Goolets’ services are included in the base charter rate. 

Booking your holiday with us includes:

  • A dedicated, personal yacht expert: one of our team will be assigned to you and will oversee every detail of your charter. 
  • A personal concierge /customer support person: when you book a yacht with us, you will also be assigned a destination expert who can advise on routes, activities, and local cuisine.  She/he will help design your charter to your specifications to maximize your cruise.
  • A destination manager: a person from within our team responsible for the time you spend ashore at each local destination / stop-off, ensuring a seamless and positive experience. 
  • All these costs are incorporated into the base charter fee.  

For each destination, we provide all the most popular itineraries/routes that are being followed.

The first step is to go through the itinerary and determine your starting point. This usually covers check-in and check-out locations, and some of the highlights (islands, towns, nature parks, bays, locations), that you would prefer to visit.

Second, the tailor-made route is refined to maximize each port of call. You can elect to stay longer in some places and omit others.

Third, we customize your itinerary according to your group structure and preferences. If you have small children or teenagers, or if you are an active group of older people traveling without children, or if you are in your 30s traveling with friends who like to party, you can all follow the same route. You can all arrive at the same island, for example, yet experience it in a completely different way:

  • Families with young children: we will find the best and safest sandy beaches where you can swim and relax 
  • Teenagers might enjoy activities such as water sports
  • Older groups may wish to visit historic places, enjoy a leisurely lunch at a local restaurant, or visit a wine cellar
  • Those who like to party might wish to sleep during the day and stay up til the wee hours.

We are highly experienced and specialize in delivering the ultimate yachting holiday.

  • Yacht research: we have extensive knowledge about each yacht that we offer for charter and we are one of the most respected and longest-established charter operators in our industry. We have an internal award for best-in-class yachts - the GOOLET AWARDS -  and this rating system ensures consistent quality.
  • Planning: we know from experience that detailed planning is key to a successful yacht charter. Our proven systems and in-house expertise ensure that no stone is left unturned and that every detail is attended to.
  • Experience: Over the past 15 years we have gained vast practical exposure to the yacht charter market and all the intricacies and personalities involved. We fully understand the need for excellence in organization and customer service, clear communication, and seamless delivery. Our repeat business is testimony to our commitment to client satisfaction. We look forward to assisting you.

Your first point of contact at Goolets will be with a Concierge Assistant /Yacht Planner. This involves a full review and confirmation of all of your wishes. This information is collated, and then we confirm availability with the yacht owner. We then prepare the necessary paperwork including the charter contract which is signed three ways - by you (the charterer), by us (the broker), and by the yacht owner. Upon payment of a 50% deposit, the yacht booking is secured.  

Your wishlist is compiled and the planning for your trip commences - usually one or two months before departure. You will be sent a questionnaire where you will confirm the passenger names, your menu preferences, any food allergies, whether you need airport transfers booked, and so on. We communicate with the yacht’s crew and create a day-by-day itinerary.

Final payments are made 4 weeks before departure, and all relevant travel documents and destination advice are issued.  The crew is briefed on any last-minute requests. 

At check-in state, our destination experts will arrange everything on the ground to ensure easy embarkation.

We stay in contact throughout your holiday to ensure everything is going as planned.

We are a long-established family business (launched in 2005) with trusted, hands-on management.  We are widely recognized in the yachting industry and have years of experience with delivering successful charters to our global clientele. 

Alenka and Mitja run the company with the key values of family, integrity, and honesty at the front of their minds in all they do to help others enjoy the good life. 

The company relies on state-of-the-art systems and networks supported by highly trained and experienced staff who share their vision.

We take pride in what we do and we look forward to welcoming you on board one of our boats very soon!

You can read more about our story here

Destination Maldives

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