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What are the best gulets in Croatia?

What are the best gulets in Croatia? Before booking a gulet in Croatia, there are a couple of things you should know. First and for sure the most important things, which you should take very seriously is this: “HIGHER THE PERCENTAGE OF THE DISCOUNT YOU GET – HIGHER IS THE CHANCE YOU WILL NOT BE HAPPY!”


Gulet Angelica Croatia


The statistics which we made were quite shocking. We checked the complaints which we have received in last 8 years. The number was small however the statistics said it all. 90% of the complaints occurred on the gulets where the discounts were from 30% and up to 50% from charter rate! If the price is much lower the satisfaction should be higher, however, it is usually just the other way around. So what kind of deals are the best in Croatia? What are the best gulets in Croatia? 1) Gulets which are perfectly maintained – owners take good care of them and invest money inside
2) Gulets with perfect crew and services – owners who have same happy crew for more years and where the entire process (driving, serving, cleaning) is perfect
3) Perfect itinerary and activities – this mostly depend on good planning and on flexibility and motivation of the owner again.  Dubrovnik, CroatiaAll these things are connected with one thing only. And this is money! If the owner is making good business and earns some money from it gulet will be maintained perfectly and clients will be happy. The crew will be the same for several years and will work as a team (which is incredibly important) and this means they will be flexible on the route make some special things for you which you will remember for life and make sure the services on board are perfect. 

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On the other hand, if the owner is not making good business, this means he has to go down with prices to get the clients. As he gets less money also gulet is not maintained very well, the crew is usually brought last minute, so they are also not very motivated to make clients happy and this is something clients will feel. Also if you pay less money as the gulet is really worth you can be sure owner will try to save money on fuel, food, and crew.


 Gulet cruise crew


So our biggest advice is to book a gulet which you really like and where your agency can explain to you why the gulet is good and worth the price.


Concentrate more on good value for gulet and not so much on lowest possible prices.


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