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Trogir - Dubrovnik

Visit two of the most beautiful coastal cities of Croatia combined with gorgeous, tranquil islands.






Island Korčula


Island Brač


Day 1 - Saturday: From Trogir to Brač (Milna)

Your cruise will start in Trogir, also called the little brother of Split. The tiny picturesque Trogir is more compact and offers as much history and culture as its big brother. After your check-in, you will sail to Brač.

Brač is most known for its outstanding long, pebbly beach called Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape). However, on this cruise, you will head to the pretty fishing village of Milna - called “The Bay of 1000 Ships” by the Venetians - located on the northwest side of Brač. You will set anchor in its calm harbor and enjoy a delicious dinner onboard.

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Relaxation and dinner

Explore Milna on Brač


Day 2 - Sunday: Bol - The Golden Cape Beach

Bol is Brač's oldest coastal town, located at the foot of Vidova Gora Mountain. Bol has many beautiful beaches, but the most famous is Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape).

This beach is one of the largest and most splendid attractions of the Adriatic, easily reachable and suitable for everyone, including families with children. There are many cafes and snack bars on the beach and several fun things to do, so you can spend the whole day simply relaxing and having a good time. If you want to keep active, you can hike to Vidova Gora rather than staying on the beach.

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Fun day at the beach

Watersports activities

Hike to Vidova Gora


Day 3 - Monday: Pakleni Islands - Hvar

The first stop in the morning is for a refreshing swim and unwinding in the nearby Pakleni islands - a gorgeous chain of wooded islands where you can enjoy sparkling, clear azure water and wonderful beaches.

Later in the afternoon or evening, we will organize a transfer to the town of Hvar. Explore the majesty of the Old Town, then climb up to the fortress to take in a stunning sunset. Finish the day in one of the lovely local restaurants or join the vibrant nightlife at one of Hvar's infamous party venues.

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Enjoy nature of the Pakleni islands

Party at Hvar

Explore the Island of Hvar


Day 4 - Tuesday: Korčula Island

The island of Korčula is considered the jewel of the Adriatic archipelago. The island has many stunning isles, historic landmarks, and gorgeous little beaches. However, the city of Korčula is the island's historical and tourist center.

This town will cast an everlasting spell on you. As one of the best-preserved medieval cities in the Mediterranean, Korčula is known for being the birthplace of the world's greatest traveler, Marco Polo, whose house of birth is located in the Old Town.

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Guided tour in Korčula

Explore the Marco Polo museum

Climb the Old City walls


Day 5 - Wednesday: Mljet Island

Experience the natural beauty of Mljet National Park. Cycle, walk, and kayak around the two famous saltwater lakes. The abundance of sea life in these protected waters of the island is ideal for memorable swimming and snorkeling.

In the afternoon, you will head to Pomena or Polače, where you can rest and relax in a peaceful atmosphere. As the sun goes down, dinner will be served onboard – expect the freshest, tastiest food infused with local Dalmatian herbs and spices.

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Visit Mljet National Park

Active day with watersports

Relaxing dinner onboard


Day 6 - Thursday: Lopud Island

In the morning, sunbathe and enjoy the beaches of Lopud Island. The main leisure attractions can be found in the port, which has several cafes, restaurants, and small shops.

We also recommend visiting the sandy beach of Šunj, one of the most outstanding beaches in the Dubrovnik region. This beautiful bay can be reached by boat or on foot from Lopud, and it is truly a favorite gathering place for the people of Dubrovnik and their guests.

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Explore the island

Swimming and watersports activities

Visit local taverns


Day 7 - Friday: Dubrovnik

In the morning, you will head to the most popular and well-known town in Croatia – the magnificent city of Dubrovnik, known as the pearl of the Adriatic. It is one of the most famous destinations in the region, hugely popular with visitors worldwide given its extraordinary historical monuments and magnificent scenery. The city is included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

We recommend taking a romantic walk down a gorgeous street called Stradun. The limestone-paved pedestrian street runs some 300 meters through the Old Town, the historic part of the city. Explore the monumental walls for phenomenal views and photos, or head to one of many charming restaurants. The possibilities are truly endless!

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Cable car tour

Land excursions

History exploration


Day 8 - Saturday: Check-out

The time to say goodbye to your yacht and crew has arrived! After breakfast, check-out is anytime up to 9 a.m.

We advise you to confirm check-out logistics and onward planning (e.g. transfer to the airport) with your Goolets Advisor during the finalization procedure (prior to departure, your Advisor will assist with your itinerary/preferred route and finalize details).
We are here to help ensure all transitions are organized and completed smoothly and efficiently.

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Luggage assistance

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