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Are there any special costs in Croatia gulets I should be aware of?

Your gulet cruise price is always a combination of this things:


1) Charter price of the gulet: this normally includes rental of a gulet with the crew, fuel is also included for around 4 hours of cruise/day and insurance of clients on board. 2) Food payment: this is usually extra cost, which is different from gulet to gulet. In Croatia, you can choose between Half board (Breakfast and lunch) and Full board (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner). This price is calculated as price per person/week and this is also normally paid on spot. 3) Drinks payment: in Croatia on most of the gulets you cannot bring your own drinks on board of a gulet. You buy drinks from ships bar and at the end of the cruise, you pay according to how much you drank that week. You can a lot of times also choose All inclusive option or pay a corkage fee (service fee) and then you can bring your own drinks on board of a gulet.


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4) Port taxes: port taxes are also usually extra payment. If you go to more expensive ports such as Hvar, Korčula, Dubrovnik, Trogir or similar this can cost you up to 150 – 250 €/night. If you spend nights in other ports (cheaper) this can cost you around 50 – 80 €/night. If you stay on anchor it is free of charge. Usually, weekly costs in Croatia are from 500 – 1.000 €/week max. It all depends on your itinerary.


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5) Tips: in Croatia tips are not so heavily anticipated as in Turkey, however, the crew will be very happy to get it at the end of the cruise. Our opinion is like this. If you are extremely happy with your crew, the Tips could be around 10% from the charter rate. If you are only happy, 5% is okay. If you are only okay with everything, you can leave some small deposit or not even that. Give the tip if crew deserved it.


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6) Extra trips, taxi boats, expenditures out of gulet: if you ever take a taxi if you join some extra trip outside of the gulet, go to the national park or spend money on souvenirs or restaurants out of the gulet – this are the clients costs.

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