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Croatia Private Charter – Check in Procedure.

Learn what is our check-in procedure for private charter gulet cruises in Croatia.

Most people searching for gulets in Croatia do not think about this step.
It is something people think about after the reservation is made. And this is normal.
But the CHECK IN procedure is actually one of the super important steps in the entire gulet organization.
If this is not done properly it could even ruin the clients holidays.
If this is perfectly done it is the first step towards your SUPER HOLIDAYS! 

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In this post, i will describe you how we manage to CHECK IN procedure for our clients.

The thing is when it comes to Croatia Private Charter holidays with a gulet, there are around 50 gulets – every gulet has a different owner.

And every owner has his own concept how he does this. Some owners do it very well. Some do not really have an idea of what they are doing.


Imagine this situation:

1) You booked a Deluxe Croatia Gulet and you are expecting everything to be organized properly

2) Transfer from airport to gulet is done properly and you just arrived at your gulet.

3) You step out of the car, you are in front of the gulet and there is nobody there. You just see the gulet.

4) You wait in front of the gulet and start yelling if there is somebody inside.

5) The waiter comes out of the salon and screams back to you who you are?

6) When you say you are the client waiter says to you to come on the gulet.

7) You grab your bags and barely make it on the boat.

8) The waiter then tells you you can accommodate yourself in the cabins however you prefer and that is it.

9) You check the cabins and bring your bags into cabins (on your own).

10) After you are accommodated, the owner (who is also the captain) arrives on the gulet and asks you what is the plan.

11) You are not quite sure and after you ask for advice, the captain says it is all up to you.

12) After a bit of talking gulet goes out of the harbor for your cruise and you are not quite sure what will be the plan, thirsty and tired from the trip and from accommodating yourself.


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This may sound like a bit of overreacting. However, this is not an uncommon situation when it comes to gulet private charter. 


So that is why several years ago we have decided to take things into our own hands. We had a very detailed conversation with the best gulet owners in Croatia how they do it and took the best out of every plan. And according to that, we made our own plan – a procedure how we do it.


So here is our Private Charter in Croatia CHECK IN PROCEDURE: (this is how we do it for closed groups – cabin charter cruises are a different story)


1) we organize for your transfer from airport to gulet with the most secure and professional transfer company which exists out there.

2) the driver will be waiting for you at the airport with the table, where the name and surname of the group leader are written. 

3) we will know the exact time of your arrival to your gulet so when the transfer car comes in front of the gulet our representative will be waiting for you in front of the gulet and entire crew of the gulet with her.

4) They will introduce themselves and take your bags on the gulet (on deck).

5) Then it will be up to you. You can either check the cabins and select which cabins you wish or you can first have a refreshing “Welcome drink” sit down and take a breather from your trip to gulet.

6) After you are accommodated, our representative will explain you (shortly) about the stuff which you need to be aware of. This is the info about SHIP RULES, SAFETY  ON BOARD, AND ABOUT SOME GENERAL PROCEDURES ON BOARD. 

7) If you will have any questions about the itinerary, extra activities or anything you need to know, we will answer this for you.

8) after you have all the info and all this is done (do not worry it is a fun procedure) the crew and representative will leave you alone to collect the money (if you have any additional payments like charter, food, drinks or anything) which has to paid during the check in.

9) and then your dream blue cruising holidays can start!


Our company representative will smoothly put you into the safe hands of owner/captain and his crew and you will be able to fully enjoy your Croatia’s private gulet cruise.


If you are interested in more info about gulet private charter in Croatia possibilities, check this link: CROATIA GULET CHARTER!


You can also send us a request and we will send you best possible blue cruise offer on your e-mail ASAP.


Mitja Mirtič

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