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Croatia gulet show

Croatia gulet show was organized for the first time in the year 2012 in Šibenik. and we were there with our entire team and even a camera man to make some movies of gulets. It really turned out to be a cool boat show. It was nice to see several gulet boats in one place and meet all the partners who are working with us face to face.


In tourism it is really interesting as sometimes you are working on a daily basis with some people for several years and you never meet them in person…and shows like this is the perfect opportunity to meet, talk, share ideas and set goals for the future. It is also much easier to work with people if you get to see them in person.


Croatia gulet show was also a cool thing because you had the opportunity to see lots of gulets on one place.

If you wish to check all the Croatia gulet ships before the start of the season and inspect them (which we do every season several times) you have to check half of the Croatia coast – as they are scattered around.

In Turkey, if you wish to check 100 of gulets you just go to Bodrum or Marmaris and it is a done deal.

In Croatia you have to go to all these places:

– 3 gulets are in Zadar

– 6 gulets are in Šibenik

– 5 gulets are in Trogir

– 3 gulets are in Murter

– 5 gulets are in Split (in different ports of course)

– there are several places in a nice place called Krilo Jesenice

– some gulets are on islands, such as Korčula, Hvar or some other places

– some gulets are in Makarska

– some gulets are in Dubrovnik (in different places)

And the list does not end here. So checking all the gulets in person is not an easy job.

In Croatia gulet show there were around 10 gulets and some other vessels also. To name just a couple of them….you could see gulet Dolin, Gulet Andrea, Gulet Gideon, Gulet Morning star, Gulet Blue Star, Gulet Aurum and several other also.


Hopefully, we will see more of this kind of organizations in the future in Croatia as gulets in Croatia need more global advertisement. this is a special product and all it needs is a bit more promotion.


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