Explore the Dalmatian islands

Turquoise sea, perfect summer temperatures, ideal sailing conditions, spectacular scenery, Roman ruins, and lively nightlife. All this, and much more is what makes the Dalmatian islands one of the most popular yachting destinations in the world. If you want to learn more about the »thousand island coastline«, keep reading.


The perfect blend of pristine nature, rich history and exiting nightlife

The Dalmatian islands are spread along Croatia's western border with the Adriatic Sea. Along almost 6km of coastline, over 1200 islands and islets offer stunning scenery for passing boats. White pebble beaches with pine trees, hidden bays, and underwater coves are the must-stops for a swimming adventure. With a history dating back to Roman times, the Dalmatian islands are among the favorite destinations for history lovers.


Amidst the beautiful islands, there are also two National Parks, Kornati and Mljet, which are best to visit during a yacht charter vacation. Besides enjoying the endless stunning beaches, you can stroll between century-old olive orchards and vineyards, taste the freshest local dishes and chat with the friendly locals in the historical villages.


The uniqueness of the Dalmatian island


One of the most famous islands in the Dalmatian archipelago is probably Hvar. The vibrant nightlife attracts celebrities from all over the world who anchor their megayachts nearby and enjoy the glamorous parties. Thanks to the exceptional number of sunlight, Hvar is home to wild herbs such as sage, rosemary, and lavender. You can only imagine the magnificent smell while walking through the fields. Hvar also produces one of the best Croatian wines that you can taste in its numerous taverns.


Bol, Brač

Another popular Dalmatian island is Brač. Its beach resort Bol and the most picturesque beach Zlatni Rat are one of the most admired by visitors. This unique beach changes its shape, depending on the tides and winds, making this location favored among kite surfers. Like other Dalmatian islands, Brač has a rich history and culture. On the eastern end of Bol, you can visit the Dominican monastery, dating back to the 15th century. Here, you will find ancient coins and a painting by the Venetian master Tintoretto.



If you fancy a more quiet yet spectacular experience in Dalmatia, head a bit further away from the coast and stop on the island of Vis. Once a military base, Vis kept the visitors away for decades, making space for wildlife and lush vegetation to take over. One of the main attractions is the Blue Cave, reachable only by boat. Another great reason to make Vis one of the destinations during your yacht charter vacation. While here, make sure you visit the Issa Archaeological Museum. This Austrian fortress features one of the largest collections of Hellenistic objects in Croatia.



This tiny island with its medieval ruins, cute little shops and restaurants spreading along the cobblestone streets, and picturesque beaches is another great destination. Korčula Town is well known for being the birthplace of the world explorer Marco Polo, and for its stunning views from the top of the hill. During your stop in Korčula, you can taste their famous white wine Posip, walk through the lush greenery and smell the aromatic plants. Nearby is the beautiful Pelješac Peninsula, best to be explored by boat. 

Why Dalmatian island hopping is best done on a yacht charter

As you can see, the Dalmatian islands are a destination that you simply cannot miss. The calm Adriatic Sea, short distances between islands, and locations reachable only by boat are just some of the reasons why you should visit them on a yacht charter. Sure, you could do the island hopping by ferry or small boats, but why not book a tailor-made yacht charter and have a luxury vacation in full privacy and comfort.

After extensive research of the Dalmatian islands, we can suggest you the best routes that will fit your group's needs and wishes. These routes include must-see historical sites, hidden bays, pristine beaches, and all the activities that will make your vacation at sea memorable. Between the time that you are not exploring the Dalmatian islands, you can relax and recharge on a yacht of your choice.

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