Boat trips

Boat Trips «Are The New» Road Trips!

How often do you get to go on a getaway with friends? Not often? We get it. Planning a group trip can be time-consuming. But, after such a whirlwind of a year, we all deserve a good ol’ time with our loved ones. 

Boat trip

Have you ever considered a boat trip?

Because if you haven’t already heard, boat trips are the new road trips! 

Here’s why:

We at Goolets trips aren't just an ordinary boat ride. We provide the perfect comfort gulets and mini yachts charters for our guests who want to simply disconnect, relax and create unforgettable memories.

We're here for you

We're here for you

We can create a  personalized route, based on your wants and needs during your travel. Whether it's island-hopping on the Dalmatian coast whilst experiencing local foods and nightlife, or enjoying the array of amenities on the boat. 

Where to start

Don’t know where to start, or what to see?

Our crew is always available for recommendations and love sharing their favorite destinations based on your group's interests. The Adriatic coast offers everything your soul desires: sipping cocktails on the pristine beaches of Korčula, dancing the night away at some of Hvar’s most infamous outdoor clubs, or visit the ancient city of Split and indulge in some of the finest European wine. Our charter provides the most efficient way to hop from one amazing destination to the next. 

Stay on the water

If you want to stay on the water - no problem!

We want our guests to feel at home. Guests are welcomed to stay on the deck of the gulet boat or mini yacht at any time. Safely harboured in a private bay, you can let clear salty waters take care of your whole regeneration process. If sunbathing and drinking mimosas isn’t your thing, our boats include a variety of sports equipment you can always feel free to choose from. Need to take a break from your party? No worries, just paddle the sup board or a canoe!

Disconnecting yourself from daily obligations for a glimpse of fun in the sun is an important reminder that everyone (yes, even you) deserves to have a good time. And what better or safer way to do it than on a boat with the people that match your energy? 
And we are here to make your good times even better.

Now is the perfect time to book a trip of a lifetime!

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