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Do You Need A Wedding Planner For Your Wedding Cruise?

"Why would I need a wedding planner" is a good question. And the answer really depends on you. 

We can only tell you why you actually DO need one. See if you find yourself in any of these 5 characteristics.

Let's start... A wedding planner is a good idea if you: 

Don't have time

Don't have time

It is possible that you just don't have enough time in your life to deal with this. And don't worry, we got you covered. Time is everything, right?

Don't like or know how to plan a wedding

Don't like or know how to plan a wedding

If you never planned a wedding in your life, you may get a thousand complications. Even if you do like planning big events, the need for professional help is present. To avoid complications, who you gonna call? Hint: it's not ghostbusters ;)

Don't know how to budget your expenses

Don't know how to budget your expenses

Where to start? Who to call? Where to cut some costs? On what to spend more? How big of a budget do I even need? Just relax and leave it to professionals. Not only you will relax, but you will save money, because these questions are purely wedding planners' expertise. 

Can't handle the stress but do like to enjoy

Can't handle the stress but do like to enjoy

Should we even say how stressful can be to plan the whole wedding by yourself? And should we even say how much can all that responsibility negatively affect your actual enjoyment? 


Don't live in Croatia

It's definitely not easy to plan a wedding from another country, even if you speak the language. Also, if you don't have the local suppliers' contacts and are not present to solve any obligations on spot, things can get really difficult. 

As you see, wedding planners can be almost mandatory in certain situations. But hey always come in handy.

For recommendations about Croatian wedding planners, feel free to ask us here.

Finally, don't forget we are still talking about a wedding cruise. So, regardless of the wedding planner, when doing it on a boat, you always need a cruise planner.

For all the details and your special wishes, we are here.

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