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Best 7 places for snorkeling in Croatia

Croatia's landscape and historical towns have been attracting people from across the world for quite a long time. But her crystal clear waters and rich marine life are the real showstoppers. And what best way to explore the aquatic world, than during a yacht charter? We are sharing with you the best 10 places for snorkeling in Croatia, and the yacht charter routes that can take you there.


1. Kornati

Kornati islands is an archipelago and a national park with vast biodiversity and a rich marine world. You can only imagine what an unforgettable experience snorkeling here would be. You can dive into underwater caves, tunnels, crevices, sheer walls, cliffs, and reefs. Because of its history and location, there are also a number of wrecks surrounding the islands. The beauty of these islands is that much of the underwater environment has yet to be explored. 

Hvar in Pakleni islands

2. Hvar and Pakleni islands

The Pakleni islands are another amazing place for snorkeling in Croatia. The chain of rocky islets is just a short boat trip from Hvar. Or if you are on this yacht charter route, they are one of the planned stops. On the Pakleni Islands archipelago, you’ll find picturesque coves, stunning beaches, and beautiful nature. After a fun day of discovering the underwater world, you can stop at one of Hvar's famous beach clubs, or return to your yacht and have a cocktail in privacy.

Zlatni rat

3. Island Brač and Zlatni rat beach

The beach Zlatni rat on island Brač is a true geomorphological monument. Surrounded by the crystal clear sea that goes from turquoise blue to dark blue in just 10 to 20 meters, decades-old pine trees offer a truly unique snorkeling experience. The interesting fact about this white pebble beach is that it changes its shape and position depending on the wind, tide, and current. The best way to experience snorkeling around this island is the one-way yacht charter route from Split to Dubrovnik, which includes a must-stop on this magical island.

Scenic view of Adriatic sea bay in Croatia, island Korcula snorkeling

4. Korčula

Korčula is Croatia's 6th biggest island, and with her rocky beaches, surrounded by clean turquoise water, she makes it on the list of the best places for snorkeling in Croatia. The best way to visit the historic Korčula is on a yacht charter route that starts in Trogir. During the stop on this beautiful island, you can grab your snorkeling gear, dive in and explore the marine life in peace, away from the crowds.

Aerial view of Mljet Lake with Monastery of Saint Mary, Croatia

5. Mljet

This lush and evergreen island is becoming a popular destination among divers and snorkeling enthusiasts. Not only is Mljet covered with pine trees and other typical Mediterranean wild greenery, but there are also endless vineyards and olive orchards that you can walk through. A third of the island is a National park, turning it into a true natural gem. Because Mljet is so mesmerizing and best to visit during a yacht charter, we included it on one of our routes. Most of the yachts include snorkeling gear so, you are all set for an amazing aquatic adventure.

Blue Cave

6. Vis

Exploring Vis during a yacht charter is something special. The stop includes its famous Blue cave and the Green cave which are the best places for snorkeling. The south and southeast shores of Vis island also offer a perfect sea playground, ready to be discovered. It´s numerous cliffs and dynamic sea bed offers a great snorkeling experience. Make sure to book this yacht charter route, so you don't miss the adventure of a lifetime.


7. Pelješac peninsula

Pelješac is a beautiful peninsula, just our drive from the famous Dubrovnik. The scattered Pelješac Channel divides the peninsula from the island of Korčula, so you can only imagine the diversity of the subaquatic world. The peninsula's rich natural beauty will leave you breathless. Lemon, almond, and fig trees, vineyards, herbs, and wildflowers decorate the small historical villages, making them look like a painting. Pelješac is not only great for snorkeling, on this yacht charter route, we can also arrange a private wine tasting and oyster sampling.

These are just a few of the many wonderful places for snorkeling in Croatia. Because it would be impossible to list all of them, we highlighted the best ones. While designing our yacht charter routes, we included these stops, so whether you are a professional diver or just a fan of snorkeling, you will have a truly unforgettable yachting experience.

Not sure which route to pick? No worries, let us help you pick the perfect yacht for you and plan your next exciting adventure on the Adriatic sea.

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