Gratefull post 2022

2022's gratitude post - A year in review

This post is written by the company's CEO, Mitja Mirtič.

“The struggle ends when the gratitude begins.” — Neale Donald Walsch.
It is time to write my favorite blog post of the year. 

What we are grateful for in Goolets in 2022.

You can check our 2020 and 2021 editions. It is fun to take a look back.

People on yacht

1 - COVID is more or less finished!

99% of our groups experienced no problems due to the COVID pandemic and it seems this nightmare is finally (hopefully) coming to an end.

Business Goals

2- All Business Goals Reached

We did set up big business goals for the season of 2022, and I am very proud to say that we reached them all (almost 2 months before the end of the year).

Most of the time we don't take the time off to look back and celebrate, be proud of everything we did, and give ourselves well-deserved high-fives.

Our fleet

On average, we had from 24 to 32 yacht departures per week, which is pretty awesome (almost 400 charters in one season).

We also booked the first yacht charter of over 1 million euros per week, and our fleet in the central yacht agency has almost doubled since 2021.

Goolets Office

3 - We upgraded from 1 to 4 offices

I am happy we no longer have a problem with office space. We opened one more office in April and made arrangements for two more, which will be ready in January.

Approximately 400 m2 of modern and comfortable office space in great locations allows our team to perform at their best.

Soon, there will be a total of 25 team members who will be working hard to make your life onboard good.

OHANA Aerial view

4 - We are very proud of our central agency fleet

We've added some truly nice gulets to our fleets, such as Andi Star and Vivere. But our fleet developed the most in the Croatian type, a 50-meter superyacht section. Besides the yacht Freedom, we added the yachts Ohana, Bella, Alfa Mario, Cristal, and Karizma. Bookings are looking very promising for 2023, proving that this industry sector is growing nicely.


5 - Croatia is becoming one of the best yachting destinations in the world

You do need some luck to go along with your efforts. Since 2005, we have been a big part of the Croatian yachting market, and we are not growing only because we are such a good company (even if we are :-)). But we are also growing for the same reason the entire Croatian yachting market is growing like crazy. Croatia is a GO-TO yachting destination, and we expect it to grow even further with the development of a yachting portfolio and service upgrades.

Team spirit

6 - Team spirit at Goolets is at its best

Nothing would be possible without having a really good team of people working for Goolets. I am so happy to say all the people on our team understand the most important thing in our company: balance.

When we WORK, we work!


Our Team

We spend almost 1/3 of our lives at work, so it is important that people are not just good at what they do but can also have fun while doing it.

I am very proud of the team we have and of the company culture we have managed to establish.

7 - Other awesome random things and events that happened in 2023.

Tyba yacht show

- We were present with the yacht Dragon Fly at the Turkey yacht show.


- We visited the Yacht show in Greece.

Myba yacht show

- We were part of the MYBA yacht show in Barcelona.

Monaco yacht show

- We visited the Monaco Yacht Show.

Myba contract

- We issued more than 150 official MYBA contracts.

Yacht charter holidays

- We had close to 400 charters overall


- We became proud members of CYBA. (Charter Yacht Brokerage Association)

Goolets team

- We organized a team building for the Goolets team and their families on a Super Yacht Freedom.

Press Ohana

- We organized two trips for some of the most established journalists in the world on Yacht Freedom and Yacht Ohana.


- We were featured on as well as on media outlets such as The Times, Business Insider, and more.  

Influencer trip

- We organized another trip for the influencers on gulet Vivere


- We organized a 3-day VIP retreat for yachts under our management in Lipica.

Crew learning

- We have set up our own "Yachting Excellence brand" and decided to start offering TOP crew training for Goolets CA yachts (more on that soon).

Team building

- We had a great end-of-the-year team building at Gastrofuzija Culinary center in Ljubljana.

What we are most grateful for is our families, wives, children, and health. But also, to live in a part of the world where we have peace and the ability to calmly live and work.
This is no longer something to be taken for granted.

We also live in a location where we can say we won a bronze medal in the recent football world championship, and we have the best basketball player in the world, Luka Dončič :-)

2023, here we come!

Mitja Mirtič

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