This lovely, wooded island (59 sq km) is a popular getaway for Split inhabitants escaping the summer heat. The island’s main entry point is Rogač harbour, where ferries from Split tie up on the edge of a large bay. Private yachts usually anchor in nerby more private bays with rocky beaches. There are also many beautiful sleepy villages like Maslinica and Stomorska, with its pretty sheltered harbour popular with yachters.



You have 3 options on where & how you can start your cruise.

Ports: are usually crowded with lots of people and other ships, yachts & motor sailors. But the locations are best! You step out of the gulet and you are in the heart of the city. If this is what you like, it is perfect. (Your option in Šolta: Rogač, Maslinica and Stomorska)

On Anchor: this means gulet is on anchor close to the main port and you are transferred from port to gulet with a dinghy/zodiac. Some people find this uncomfortable, and it can be unconvinient for seniors, but some love the adventure. (Your option in Šolta: Donja Krušica, Šešula, Tatinja, Stračinska, Gornja Krušica, Nečujam.)

Seafront view at panorama of Island Solta, croatian travel places.


Marina Martinis Marchi

A new marina has been built near the luxurious Martinis Marchi Heritage Hotel & Restaurant. Inside there are 50 berths covered with marble, equipped with moorings, electricity, and water. New waterfront offers a safe place for yachts measuring up to 35m, and even longer on the outer side of the breakwater. An amphitheater with 500 seats is built in the style of ancient Greek theatres. Martinis Marchi Marina is the second place winner of International Cemex Builder Award for the Best Infrastructure and Urbanism 2012.

Port of Stomorska

Stomorska is the oldest port on the island of Solta, built in the 16th century. The place has since been a home of excellent sailors who still own a fleet of sailing boats that once used to transport wine and other treasures. Fishing is the most developed economic activity with tourism. A wide choice of freshly caught fish is offered daily, and the fish farm is very close to the site. Stomorska summer is best known for fun fishing nights, full restaurants and taverns

Nečujam Šolta


1) Šolta consists of 7 islets
2) Full of pristine nature
3) One of the favorite swimming stops in the Adriatic
4) Best olive oil in Croatia


Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon in Croatia is not your usual blue lagoon created by the coral reefs found around tropical islands forming a shallow lagoon with the crystal clear blue sea inside. There are no coral reefs in Croatia but that doesn’t mean that there are no blue lagoons. Blue lagoons in Croatia are usually formed between a number of small islands which are usually separated by the shallow lagoon between them that we like to call blue lagoons.

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Olive Oil

Liquid gold’is more than just an expression – in addition to having won several gold medals for its exquisite flavor and appearance resembling gold, it is also known for its therapeutic properties. Pour gold over the grilled fish and salad made from the freshly picked vegetables from your host’s garden or a local marketplace and enjoy your meal! We are proud to say that the European Commission acknowledged its excellence and specificity. Upon completion of the procedure at the EU level, the Commission issued a regulation whereby the name ‘Šoltansko maslinovo ulje’ was entered into the Register of Protected Designations of Origin and Protected Geographical Indications.

Nečujam Bay

It is located in the biggest bay on Šolta and is the island’s youngest settlement, gravitating towards the central beach overlooked by a large apartment resort, owing to which Nečujam used to be one of the most famous destinations on the Adriatic coast before the 1990’s. Its tranquillity and green vistas inspired some of Croatia’s greatest poets, namely Marko Marulić and PetarHektorović. The house where Marko Marulićwas staying still stands in the very center of the village. Many consider Nečujamthe most beautiful bay of the island of Šolta. It comprises eight coves: Bok Supetra, Šumpjivina, Podkamenica, Maslinica, Tiha, Bok od rata, PiškeraandSupetar.


Several restaurants, cafes, and markets where you can expect only the superb food and amazing dishes for a good price. Everything you need for a superb culinary experience.

restaurant šampjer šolta

Restaurant Šampjer, Put Burnji Gaj 18, 21430, Maslinica

The “Šampjer” Restaurant is located on the island of Šolta, in a place called Maslinica. It is 5 minutes’ walk away from the center of Maslinica, at a high ground with a magnificent view of 11 Croatian islands and the unforgettable sunset. An extremely pleasant surrounding, the combination of fire, sea, the sun and the wind, polite restaurant staff, top quality cuisine specialties are something you will recognize us for.

Restaurant Šišmiš, 21430, Maslinica

You can enjoy the privacy and authentic delicacies and carefully chosen wine-list of Šišmiš restaurant. We offer a free berth below the restaurant for a direct approach from the sea. To ensure your table for the day we recommend earlier reservation The restaurant Šišmiš present to you our newly opened wine bar. The passion and love for all Croatian wines we joined together in one place. We will provide you a tasting, the purchase, and consumption of the highest quality and selected Croatian wines. Come and experience Croatia.

Tavern Gajeta,Žalo 1 Maslinica, Splitsko-Dalmatinska, Croatia

Tavern-Pizzeria Gajeta place is that since 1995 all its guests, providing an authentic culinary experience based on excellent food, primarily fish, to goo drink and, above all, a relaxed, homey atmosphere for which the visitors still in her back. The compound pleasant atmosphere and the wide range of local dishes prepared in the traditional way will make your dining experience is unforgettable.