Town of Skradin on Krka river in Dalmatia Croatia

Sailing in Croatia? Here are best things to do when passing by Skradin

Skradin is simply magical in its each and every detail, and it is popular nautical destination whose beauty crown three most attractive resorts, waterfalls Skradinski buk, Roski waterfall and Franciscan islet Visovac. The Krka National Park Office and the starting point for a tour of its attractions are also located here.

The best private marinas, ports or anchor points

You have 2 options on where & how you can start your cruise.


Private Marinas: 

is the most comfortable option. The driver takes you more or less in front of your gulet. You get on board in a nice and smooth fashion, no crowds and everything is calm and relaxed. However, in general, private marinas are more expensive then if you start your cruise in a port. (Your option: ACI marina Skradin)


(Your option in Skradin:  Skradin quay (Reportedly the first 2 hours are free), and Tavern Vidrovača pier.

Interesting facts about Skradin: 

  • The first data about the town of Skradin dates from the year 33 B.C.
  • Skradin had the first hydroelectric power plant in Europe, opened in 1895
  • Skradin is a romantic Mediterranean town with narrow paved streets, passages, vaults, and stairs
  • Belvedere of Skradin was nominated for the Golden Flower of Europe award for the most beautiful Belvedere

Must see attractions 


Bribirska Glavica (Croatian Troy)

Only 15 kilometers from Skradin, branching off from the main road of the town of Bribir, is a winding path leading towards the 300-meter high hill. The captivating site today known as Bribirska Glavica has with good reason, due to its mystical combination of nature and ancient structures, been named the Croatian City of Troy. Due to its strategic position, it has been the central town of the entire area for almost 6000 years. The ancient Liburnian settlement, the Roman municipal Varvaria, the mythical Bribir under the powerful Croatian feudal ruler ban Pavao Šubić of Bribir – all these civilizations recognized the significance of this, at first glance so insignificant hill.

The best restaurants to consider in Skradin

Several restaurants, cafes, and markets where you can expect only the superb food and amazing dishes for a good price. Everything you need for a superb culinary experience.

Restaurant Skala

Located on an uphill next to the promenade of Skradin, Skala restaurant menu represents an environment where the restaurant is located. Along with traditional dishes and domestic vines you can enjoy the beautiful view from the terrace. Guest pleasure is their paramount and they are in a  position to satisfy your sense of sight, flavor, fragrance, and sound.  Enjoy the beautiful variety of Dalmatian dishes.


Restaurant Zlatne Školjke

Restaurant Zlatne Školjke was opened in the year 1974. In its longtime tradition, the restaurant gives extreme gastronomic pleasure. With fresh seafood on an everyday basis, it is in the top of Croatian catering. With tasty food certainly goes good wine, even most demanding guests will be satisfied with an extremely various wine list with top quality wines of established Croatian wineries, as well as worldwide.


Restaurant Bonaca

Family Bulat has built recognition of this restaurant Bonaca through a family fishing and their own fresh ingredients thus ensuring local story that is gladly accepted and recognized as a quality. Therefore, restaurant Bonaca has for many years its regular guests who due to satisfaction and quality of the service come again and again. Restaurant Bonaca offers to the guests the unique experience of local cuisine.

Day trips and excursions

Plenty of exciting ideas and things to do in Skradin


National Park Krka

This tour includes everything that you wanted to experience about Krka. The best thing is, you will get even more than you wanted. From drinking wine, visiting archeological sites, catacombs, churches then comes the beautiful national park Krka. You will see also all the additional waterfalls even the islands located around the park. Also, there will be a possibility to swim beautiful natural resort like Krka. This tour will change your life. 

Bike Tour Guduča

This tour starts from Skradin and drives through the villages Bićine and Prukljan to the protected ornithological reserve Guduća. On this territory, near by the NP Krka, about 30.000 pairs of birds nidify, which means by the end of the season during August in the national park you can find the population of about 147.000 bird (adults and young ones). Definitely, an experience on it own. 


National Park Kornati Tour

Sailing the Kornati Islands. This stunning archipelago is something you don’t want to miss while are you in Skradin. Only Kornati themselves consists of more than 300 islands. Most of them are uninhabited which allows you to feel like an explorer. You will have a boat ride between these islands and yes, it will be possible to have a swimming stop.

City attractions

A few tourist attraction recommendations you can’t miss

National park krka river Krka town of Skradin Croatia

Fortress of Turina

The medieval fortress of Turina near Skradin was constructed during the government of the Croatian governor Pavao Šubić (1273 – 1312) on the site of an ancient city from the Liburnian period. It is possible to see a fortress from anywhere around Skradin. The road consists of very old stone steps but it is definitely worthwhile after you experience the beautiful view all over Skradin and bridge of Krka.

Burnum Skradin

Among sites dating back to the period of the Roman Empire, the Burnum military is certainly the most significant, with its recently discovered amphitheater, a world class find. The remnants of the Burnum military camp are situated on the right bank of the Krka River, near where the village of Ivoševci stands today. Today it is possible to see the remnants of the arches that belonged to the building of the Pretoria (camp command) and the amphitheater, where a great deal of archaeological material has been uncovered in recent studies.


Bibich Wine Shop & Tasting

In the past recent years, Bibić became really worldwide recognized wine producer, especially after the visit of famous chef and gourmet expert Anthony Bourdain. Curiously, his wines are more known abroad than in Croatia.

At times when small winemakers were selling exclusively at the Croatian market and big wineries were exporting their bulk wines into neighboring countries, around 2006, Bibić wines were already hitting the tables of USA restaurants. A place to try, buy and experience one of the worlds most recognizable wine producers.

Where to stay in Skradin

These hotels & villas will make your stay magical


Hotel Villa Bonaca 

The hotel consists of twelve spacious and modern double rooms, each with their own story which allows guests a quiet holiday. Superior comfort is guaranteed to our guests – each room has a spacious balcony from which stretches stunning view of sea and marina and all the facilities that you need.


Villa Barbara 

Villa Barbara consists of five apartments. Every apartment has a different name and completely different interior, in the end, every apartment tells you their own different story. This apartment below is called “lavanda” which means lavender so the whole interior is based on lavender.


Holiday Home Anđela 

Located only a few minutes from the beach. It is set in a traditional Dalmatian stone house in Skradin. One of the most beloved places to sleep in all of the Skradin. It is a great combination of modern and Dalmatian old style. They offer free bikes for the guests.

Tourist board of Skradin

Here you can find additional information about interesting things in Skradin. If you want to learn more about the history of Skradin,  museums, culture or any other events that are happening when you are here


Tourist Board of Skradin

For information in the center head to:

Krka National Park ticket office and information center

Adress: Zagrađe 15, 22222, Skradin

Phone: +385 022 771 688

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