How did the holiday compare to the impression the offer gave you? Did we, as an agency did a good job in finding the gulet and supporting you through the entire process?

The crew was professional, friendly and capable. They went out of their way to make us feel at home. Boat owner Jure, even went so far as to meet a few of us after the cruise in Split to return a hat that had been left on board, then gave us a grand tour of the area, the hilltop fort, and then shared a meal with us. Jure and his crew are genuine and dedicated to their work and guests. This was a shakedown cruise for this gullet and crew, so we were all surprised at how organized thing was. Several guests on our cruise have worked professionally in the hospitality industry, one of us on cruise ships, so we know what to look for. If there was any room for improvement, I'd bet good money that it has been improved.

Who was the person that managed your booking? What are the things you liked the most and what could be done better?

Would you travel with Goolets agency again or recommend us to any of your friends? Why?

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