Luxury Gulet Cruises In Croatia, Turkey, Greece

In this post, you will learn more about luxury gulets and luxury cruises but also you’ll discover top luxury yachts from 3 most popular gulet cruise destination in our offer. Let us get started!


What are Luxury gulet cruises? 6 main facts.

  • The price range goes from 40.000 €/week and up to 150.500 €/week for entire gulet.
  • You can get a very nice Luxury gulet in the lower season for very attractive prices.
  • You can book a standard gulet and have 5 stars of food experience like in a luxury restaurant.
  • The most important part of your luxury cruise will be your crew and your food. The quality of the gulet is important but not a crucial thing for your satisfaction. The crew on these boats provides only high-end service.
  • You can choose between more than 350 luxury gulets in Croatia, Turkey, and Greece.
  • The best way to truly experience a luxury cruise with a gulet is by making the cruise 100% tailored according to your needs and wishes.

What can you expect on luxury gulet cruises?

1. Superb Services & Cuisine!

You will be pampered by top chefs and experienced crew who has only one goal in their mind – to make you happy and satisfied! On a luxury gulet cruise, your only concern is to lay back, relax, take your mind from all the worries in the world.

2. Luxury accommodation!

Huge cabins, Jacuzzi on deck, sauna, a huge range of water sports unlimited air condition, plasma TVs, lots of deck space. Luxury gulets nowadays are truly floating palaces with no expenses spared.

3. VIP activities!

Did you ever have champagne served in a Jacuzzi on a gulet? Well, you should. Also, a fresh lobster served for dinner under million of stars in the quiet isolated bay is just something special. There are several VIP activities our concierge services can organize for you.

Jacuzzi on deck
Great Food
MEIRA Master cabin