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Top 5 island to visit on gulet cruise in Croatia

Croatia’s coast has nearly 2000 kilometres and 1200 islands. Some of those islands are tiny, bare karst-rock islands, islands with nothing on them but a lighthouse, islands with cocktail bars, islands for windsurfers, islands known for their wine, cheese or other delicates. Due to a large number of possibilities island hopping is one of the most popular ways to travel in Croatia.

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Here are the 5 top islands to visit in Croatia on your gulet cruise!

1. Hvar

Hvar is Croatian version of Spain’s Marbella and France’s St Tropez. It is an amazing destination loved by luxury holiday enthusiasts and nightlife seekers.

Hvar Harbour (

Hvar town is the hotspot for all yacht owners, celebrity spotting. If you are a luxury lover you will be able to enjoy trendy VIP restaurants, bars, and shops. Despite its reputation, Hvar is much more than just a magnet for the famous and unreasonably rich. There are also many secluded beaches, vineyards, gorgeous lavender fields and olive trees.

Stari Grad Hvar island in Croatia

Other towns on an island like Stari Grad and Jelsa, are much more peaceful and great for exploration of islands history, heritage and culture. Hvar island is also known as the sunniest island of Croatia, with 2724 hours of sun a year. There are numerous recreational activities available. We recommend also going on wine tours and try some of the best wines.

2. Brač island

If you are visiting the island Brač you must come to Croatia’s most famous beach ‘Zlatni Rat’.

The big benefit of this island is that it is in very close distance from Split which is the second largest town in Croatia and beautiful destination in with itself. The island boasts gorgeous beaches, isolated bays and the highest peak of the Croatian islands called Vidova Gora.

Vineyard and beach of Brac island coast Dalmatia Croa

Brač is also the largest island of Croatia and it is ideal for visitors who seek privacy, relaxation, and peace. Brač has many towns/villages that have charming narrow streets, romantic squares and a big selection of bars and restaurants. Additionally, the island is well known for its olive industry with best quality virgin olive oil unique to the region.

We definitely recommend adding the old to your meals because it is delicious, so good that you can eat it with a bit of bread only. However, the island is most famous in the world for two main things: its white stone used to build Diocletian’s Palace in Split and the White House in Washington, DC.

erial view of Zlatni Rat beach close to the town of Bol on the island of Brac, Croatia

And the second thing that the most beautiful beach Zlatni rat or Golden Bay. This is the long stunning pebbly beach we mentioned in the start. During gulet cruise, you can stop by and enjoy for a whole day. You will be amazed by blue waters ideal for watersports and also suitable for families with kids too. There are also bars and smaller restaurants in close distance tot he beach, so if you get hungry you can quickly snack on something.

3. Vis

Vis is the furthest island from the Croatian coast, that served until 1989 as the Yugoslav National Army’s base, out of bounds to foreign visitors. For this reason, nature and ambience of the island are like unspoiled paradise.

All visitors today can enjoy in rudimental beauty and nature of the islands. You can take part in military tours among many preserved sea tunnels, now open for public. However the standout attraction here the Blue cave of Biševo and Green cave.


Two wonders of nature, Blue Cave and Green Cave are must-visit places! Every day just before noon the sun’s rays enter the cave and reflect off its limestone walls, creating shining in color of blue and green. At Green cave, you can also swim, unlike Blue cave where swimming is not allowed.

Town of vis CROP

Vis Town is another place worth of visiting for its pleasant waterfront promenade and is the island’s first settlement. If you seek even more privacy then your gulet can lead you to picturesque Komiža, a fishing village of stone houses set on a secluded bay.

4. Korčula

Art and history lovers will enjoy in Korčula island that has been nicknamed ‘Little Dubrovnik’ because of its medieval walls. However, it is not as crowded as Dubrovnik and it has its own attractions to offer. Coats also belive that Marco Polo was born and lived here so you visit a dedicated Marco Polo gallery, and a beautiful cathedral. You will easily find themed small shops and even his supposed birth house turned into a Museum.


We recommend you explore the medieval walled town because you will come across some of the most memorable beautiful views. Besides that, Korčula hides away many beautiful locations and gastronomic delights offered all over the Old Town center.


What is maybe one of the most impressive things about Korčula is the clear sea. The color and ourity of waters are amazing, and we recommend also to visit Proizd island, a true hidden gem with the most fascinating beautiful beaches. Korčula is also well known for its own crisp white wine called Pošip that goes very well with fish menus. Stunning landscapes offer a mix of quiet vineyards tangled up in the woods, and fishing villages along the coast.

5. The Kornati island

Kornati islands are the perfect holiday getaway destination.


The only way to explore spectacular islands and reefs is of course on a gulet cruise. The largest archipelago of Adriatic is also a National Park situated between town of Šibenik and Zadar. It is and it is composed out of 140 islands, islets and reefs.


The whole island gives you the deserted island vibes. Nature there is pristine and beautiful while water is absolutely crystal clear, ideal for snorkeling, swimming or any kind of watersports. We for sure recommend kayaking which is quite popular activity here. Possibilities are endless and this is simply the perfect day to relax or venture around. The park office also organizes daily tours during the tourist season.

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