In this blog post, we will explain how much a gulet cruise will cost if you rent either an entire gulet or just a cabin in Turkey, Croatia, and Greece according to what kind of luxury you would like to have. We were thinking really hard about how we can explain the prices in the easiest possible way and came up with the best possible solution: Give real examples. We think this will 100% give you the best idea of what to expect and for what money. You will easily find your area of interest (cabin or private charter and budget ranges) and then read that section for a better idea.

Gulet categories

Private charter gulets are divided into categories and every boat has its own characteristics so you can select your criteria and find gulet for you. Gulet categories are there to help you understand differences in prices and explain in general the gulet value.

There are 3 categories on the market (standard, luxury and deluxe). Gulets are divided into categories based on their size, number of amenities, watersports, quality of service, etc.

For example, standard gulets usually have smaller cabins, less space on deck, and less special amenities when compared to luxury or deluxe boats that can compare to 5-star hotels.

Luxury and deluxe gulets are more spacious and offer luxury amenities like a jacuzzi on deck, various watersports and have the highest standard which adds to their value. Find more examples of gulets from each category below.

NEVIJANA Watersports


(over 60 gulets available for private charter)

The price range is divided into 3 categories:

a) Standard gulets –  from €4.200 up to €14.500 per week!

These gulets have from 3 up to 7 cabins, and their size can range from 14 meters up to 27 meters in length. Here are examples of some of the best standard gulets in Croatia: