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How much will a gulet cruise cost?

The best gulet cruise price breakdown ever! Gulet Cruise cost examples. In this blog post, I will explain how much a gulet cruise will cost if you rent either an entire gulet or just a cabin in Turkey, Croatia, and Greece according to what kind of luxury you would like to have.

I was thinking really hard about how I can explain the prices in the easiest possible way and I came up with the best possible solution:

Give real examples.

I think this will 100% give you the best idea of what to expect and for what money.

Find your area of interest (cabin or private charter and budget ranges) and then read that section for a better idea.



You can:

a) Book a ship like this:

Motor Sailor


This is for larger groups of around 24 – 40 people!


You can choose three different categories (B category – cabins with no toilets; A category – shower and toilet in every cabin; or A+ category – air conditioned vessels, newer and better cabin).


The prices range from around €450 per person per week to €800 per person per week for `A´ category ships.

Some deluxe ships have prices even up to €1,200 per person per week.


These prices vary according to the dates when you travel. Prices are the highest in July and August. They are around 15% – 25% lower in June, and they can also lower by 30 – 40% in May and October.


Food (either half board or full board) is always included in a price. You can buy drinks from the ships bar and you will also have to pay a small fee of around €20 – 30 per person per week for port taxes.


b) Book a cabin charter gulet cruise:

Gulet Andi


We have several gulets that can do this.


The prices range from €770 per person per week in low season, and up to €1,200 per person per week in high season on a luxury type gulet ship.


All these gulets have air conditioned cabins and can accommodate 8 – 14 people.


More programs and information on Croatia Cabin charter cruises.




Blue Cruise Turkey


In Turkey the situation is like this:

a) You have NO NAME – LOW BUDGET gulet cruises (no air conditioning) that will cost you between 250 – 550 euros per person per week.

b) You have NO NAME – STANDARD gulet cruises (with air conditioning) that will cost you up to 700 euro per person per week.

c) You also have some special programs where you will actually know the name of the gulet in advance. These can cost you up to €1,200 per person per week.


You can learn more about exact programs on this link:


Prices always include full board accommodation. You buy drinks from the ships´ bar. Port taxes in Turkey are also included in the price. 


The prices change according to the dates you wish to travel.




You have two possibilities in Greece:

a) Book a cabin on a gulet that starts the trip and ends the trip in Turkey, but cruises the Dodecanese islands (Rhodes, Kos, Symi, etc) during the entire week. 


Those are low budget NO AIR CONDITIONING – NO NAME ships and they cost between 350 – 750 euros per person per week depending on when you are cruising.


b) Or you can book a one-way cruise from Bodrum to Mykonos (very interesting cruise) on a luxury gulet and pay between €900 – 1,300 per person per week.


You can find out more details about this programs on this link:


The food in Greece is also included in the price.


There are also some Greek gulets offering cabin charter cruises, but the dates are not guaranteed and the prices range from €1,200 per person per week to €1,500 per person per week for a standard gulet. 


If you want a good cabin charter advicecontact us and we will be happy to assist you. 


Now we move on to renting an entire gulet – private charter gulet cruises. 


This is a bit more complicated to explain but I will do my best.


We have separated PRIVATE GULET CHARTERS into three main categories and we try to keep it as simple as possible.


Category no.1 – Standard Gulet Cruises! prices under €1,000 per person per week!

These are gulets that:

– have air conditioning in every cabin 90% of the time.

-are spacious and comfortable vessels, and that can be compared to high-quality 3 (or maybe even 4) stars hotels.

– the food is tasty and delicious and you will have great time on board.


Do not expect over-the-top luxury, but the accommodation will be comfortable and nice.


Let´s give you an example!


To make this easier for you, we calculated the prices for  -gulets as PRICES PER PERSON PER WEEK.


Let me show you. 



Gulet Gardelin


The charter price of this gulet in the highest possible season is €11,200 per week.

This gulet has 7 cabins and can accommodate up to 16 guests on board.

This means the price per person is €700 per person per week.

Half board is €260 per person per week.

This would then cost you €960 per person per week if you have 16 adults in your group.

If you also add a little something for drinks and port taxes (we always provide you with a bit of discount as extra), it would cost you approximately €1,000 per person per week in high season to rent this gulet.

If you rent this gulet in June for example, the price would be around €750 per person per week including half board.

If you rent this gulet in May the price would be around €650 per person per week. (the lower the season, the more flexible the prices)

You can get more of an idea about Standard gulets from Croatia on this link: CROATIA STANDARD GULETS.


Let´s say you are a group of 10 people and you have a total budget of around €9,000 per week and you would like to travel to Turkey.

This means the budget per person is €900 per person per week.

For this price, you could get a nice standard gulet in high season in Turkey.

If you are interested to rent a gulet in June or September, you might even get a nice Luxury type for this money if you are a bit lucky. 

In May in October, you could get a luxury gulet for sure!




Let us give another example for the luxury category range – prices between €1,000 – 1,500 per person per week.

Let´s say you are a group of 12 people that would like to travel in August (to Turkey) and you can spend around €15,000 per week (including food for all group).

This means you have a budget of €1,250 per person per week, which puts you in the luxury category class!

In this case, I would offer you, for example, the gulet Diva Deniz!

This one has the price of €14,665 per week including food and drinks.

If you have 12 people in your group, the price would be €1,220 per person per week.

If we also give a bit of discount, we might be able to offer you this kind of gulet for around €1,400 per person per week (including full board accommodation).

This is one of the best gulets in this category and you would get an offer where you have the possibility to spend a little bit more for very good quality.

If this would be too expensive for your budget we might also offer something like this:



Gulet Duramaz


Charter price: €13,300 per week, which is equals to €1,110 per person per week for 12 people.

With a bit of discount, you could book the gulet for around €1,250 – 1,300 per person per week which is around €15,600 for an entire group.

Luxury gulets are already equal to 4 or 5 star hotels and they offer amazing luxury and very comfortable accommodation. 


The last category is Deluxe category gulets – prices from €1,500 per person per week!

Deluxe Gulet


You can see some examples here: CROATIA DELUXE GULETS.

These gulets have a huge price range from €1,500 per person per week to €5,000 per person per week.

If I translate this into total charter prices, assuming you have a group of 10 people, it can cost you from €15,000 per week extras and up to €50,000 per week plus extras.

Again, these prices are calculated on a high season basis, which means if you rent a gulet in June or September or even in May or October, the prices can be up to 30% or sometimes even up to 50% cheaper in comparison to high season.

Deluxe category gulets are floating palaces and they have the same level of services as the best 5 star (or even 6 star!) hotels.

You can also check our Best Gulets in The World gulets section!


The fact is, that you can choose between more than a 1,000 vessels in three destinations we offer.

Quite honestly, the best way to find the best gulet for you is to:

1) Think about your approximate budget range

2) Talk to your gulet cruise sales adviser

3) Define your needs, destination and itinerary of the thing you are most interested in and would like to experience

4) Think about what kind of food you would like to have on board

5) Think about which dates you would like to travel in

6) Decide how many people will be in your group.


When you determine this we will send you the best there is for the budget you have.

You can start by clicking on the button below. We can 100% tailor make your gulet cruise holidays to you. 

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