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Are there any special costs in Turkey Gulet Cruises I should be aware of?

Turkey gulet cruises prices are calculated as a combination of this things:


1) Charter price of the gulet: this normally includes rental of a gulet with the crew, fuel is also included for around 3 or 4 hours of cruise/day and insurance of clients on board.


Gulet Price


2) Food payment: this is usually extra cost and it depends on the client’s wishes. In Turkey, you can choose between different Full board options (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner) from Economy and up to Super luxury menu. This price is calculated as price per person/week and this is also normally paid on spot. Prices vary from 175 €/person/week and up to 490 €/person/week.


Greek food


3) Drinks payment: in Turkey, on most of the gulets you can bring your own drinks on board of a gulet. You buy drinks from the supermarket or we make the shopping for you, you pay the bill for drinks and crew will serve you these drinks during the entire cruise.


Gulet cruise experience


4) Port taxes: port taxes in Turkey are always included in price. If you decide to go also to Greece and check some islands there, you will have to pay for this extra. This can cost you according to the invoices which crew will present to you around 100 – 250 €/island, which can get up to around 750 – 1.000 €/week.


Port taxes


5) Tips: tipping has become a real culture in Turkey and crew will expect tips. They usually do their best to serve you so if you will be very happy with the crew, tips are around 5 – 10% from the charter rate.


Gulet cruise crew


6) Extra trips, taxi boats, expenditures out of gulet: if you ever take a taxi if you join some extra trip outside of the gulet, go to a national park or spend money on souvenirs or restaurants out of the gulet – this are the client’s costs.

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