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What are gulet prices in Turkey in comparison to other countries?

Turkey is the home country of gulet cruises with well over 500 gulets suitable for charter. This means there is quite a competition going on and the prices, especially in lower season, can be flexible. Due to this reason in Turkey, you can truly get best quality gulets for lowest prices if you compare it with Croatia and Greece.


Gulet Price


What does this mean in numbers?
It is like this:

1) In Turkey, you can find a Luxury gulet which can accommodate around 12 persons, for less than 12.000 €/week. In Croatia gulet, the similar quality will cost you around 14.000 €/week while in Greece (starting from Athens) it will cost you around 18.000 – 20.000 €/week.


2) Turkey has the biggest selection of DELUXE gulets which have prices over 25.000 € and up to 50.000 €/week. Greece also has a couple of this kind of gulets, while in Croatia this number is much lower. So if looking for deluxe gulets Turkey truly has a lot to offer!



Gulet Dea Del Mare


3) Food expenses in Turkey are getting higher but you can still get very good food for prices which are very reasonable. You have several possibilities. Economy full board menu can cost you around 175 €/person/ week, standard menu costs around 245 €/person/week, while luxury menus cost either 280 € or even up to 350 €/person/week. Full board in Croatia will almost always cost you from 320 € and up to 450€ or even more per person/week. In Greece, you will generally pay for the food which you spend. This means around 20% on top of the charter price. But food is something where you should not save too much, as it is always an experience of a lifetime.


4) Port taxes in Turkey are always included in the price while in Croatia and in Greece you always have to pay for it extra. If you, however, wish to cruise Greek islands with Turkish gulet you will be charged extra. This can cost you around 750 € – 1.000 €/week extra if you spend a week in Greek islands.

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