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What is the real difference between Standard and ultra luxury gulet?

The Blue cruises started around 40 years ago in Turkey when first gulets offered its services to the clients. These vessels were all from 12 – 16 (maximum 20) meters long, they normally had 1 toilet (even no shower) for entire groups but the main thing was fun, connection with nature and sea and taking it easy.
The second part is still the same, only that now instead of doing this with small economy type vessels you can do it with super luxury 40 or even 50 meters gulets with superb services and accommodation standards. So what is the real difference between standard and ultra luxury gulet?


Gulet Bella-Mare


What are the main differences? Let’s explain!

CABINS: while economy type gulets have very small cabins, without air condition and small bathrooms (vacuum type toilets) and showers going out of the sink, the standard gets better with categories. Standard gulets already have air condition, cabins are bigger, newer and more comfortable and toilets also. Luxury gulets and deluxe gulets already have huge cabins with all the things you can get in best 5-star hotels.

Usually, it is like that. Bigger the gulet is and fewer cabins it has, more comfortable it is.


Gulet Esma Sultan master cabin


EQUIPMENT: the second thing where you can see a huge difference is in equipment. Best gulets are equipped with all sorts of extra equipment, like Water skiing,  donut rides, windsurfing, jet skies, DVDs, plasma TVs…..


Gulet Esma Sultan salon


CREW: with the standard of gulets also crew is more experienced. On ultra luxury gulets, it is expected for the waiter to know exactly what kind of wine goes with each dish…while this is not really necessary on lower category gulets.


Gulet cruise crew


AGE OF GULETS: this can sometimes be a bit confusing, and the category of gulet does not surely depend on when the gulet was built. You have some gulets built already in the 1990s and they are maintained and look like brand new gulets. On the other hand, some gulets which were built in 2005 or even sooner, already look like 30 years old.

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