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Are there any hidden costs when booking a gulet?

Gulet cruise prices are most of the time calculated in a similar way when booking a gulet. But be sure you read all the small print in the contract and always ask if there are some other mandatory costs which you are not aware of.

Gulet sail

Booking a gulet – cabin charter!
When it comes to cabin charter, most of the time you will get a price per person in the double cabin, which means there have to be minimum 2 people for a booking. If you are traveling alone you will most of the time have single cabin extra fee which can cost from 50% and up to 70% extra on the price you have.

 In this prices most of the time you have included either half board (breakfast and Lunch) or Full board (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner). In Croatia, you will also have to pay extra on spot for port taxes (in Turkey they are always included) while you will have to buy drinks from ships bar and pay for it extra.


Twin cabin on a gulet


On cabin charter gulet cruises it is also always forbidden for you to bring your own drinks on board.

Also, transfers from airport to gulet are always extra payment.


Booking a gulet – private charter!


If you are interested in booking entire gulet, then the price is most of the time calculated like this:

– Charter price: this is the price for gulet rentals which normally includes crew, insurance while you are on gulet, fuel, laundry services, towels and bed linens.

– Food price: food is always extra. You can choose between half board or full board and a lot of times also between several different food standards (like an economy menu, luxury menu, deluxe menu…)


Private gulet charter


– port taxes: Turkish port taxes are usually included, however in Croatia and Greece this is always considered as extra payment. Also if you rent a Turkish gulet and go cruise Greek islands, the port taxes will be extra.

– Drinks on board: while on Turkey in most cases you can bring your own drinks on board of a gulet in Croatia and in Greece this is not the case. There you can buy drinks from ships bar, or you can also take an All inclusive option for drinks or pay a corkage fee (service fee) and in this case, they will serve your drinks on board of a gulet.


Gulet cruise experience


– Tips: this is up to clients choice, but if the crew is really good and makes you truly very happy, the tips can be from 5% and up to 10%. But this is totally up to client’s decision at the end of the cruise.

– VAT: while in Croatia VAT is included in Turkey and in Greece the situation is a bit different. In Greece VAT is always considered extra payment on top of the charter price, while in Turkey owners will include VAT in the charter price if you agree to make some final payments on the spot in cash.


Gulet cruise crew


We always prepare the prices in a way all these extra things are specified in the offers so you will never have any unpleasant surprises.

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