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Are all gulet boats similar?

Sometimes on the pictures, some gulet boats look totally similar, while the price is very much different. And a lot of times clients are not sure why the price differences can be so different (if the gulets are almost the same).


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The fact is that gulet boats are truly not so different (when you compare them inside the same category). Of course, Standard gulets (let’s say 3 stars) are different than Deluxe gulets (let’s say 5 stars). But sometimes some gulets look suspiciously cheap in comparison to how good they look on pictures and some gulets look crazy expensive. And you are not quite sure why. This can happen because of several reasons. Besides the technical part of gulet boats, there are some other things that determine the prices also. Gulet Grande Mare sailing Here they are: 1) CREW ON GULET: is actually even more important than the gullet alone. The captain who knows all the best-hidden bays and knows how to communicate properly with clients is worth pure gold. If there is also a superb chef on board and waiter who can make magic….then this gullet is perfect.


2) MAINTENANCE OF THE GULET: on pictures, some gullets can look similar; however the maintenance is the thing that truly matters. Some standard gullets can be in such a great shape, it can almost double the price of the gulet itself. But it is worth every penny.


3) SERVICES & EQUIPMENT & EXPERIENCE: all these things are added value on gullets, which will provide the clients with best possible satisfaction.




So gulets can look very similar but the difference in services and clients satisfaction can be huge.


From our experience, when clients are searching for Luxury gulets and 1 gulet has the price of 15.000 €/week, while the other one has the price only 11.000 €/week, there is a good reason for this difference.

And what usually happens.


Clients that paid more are totally thrilled with the experience and they come back again next year. Clients that paid less money and should because of that actually be less demanding and happier because of the deal they received……their satisfaction can never compare to the group that paid 15.000 €/week.


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So does this means you always have to book 15.000 €/week gullets to be happy?


Not really! However if you have 10.000 €/week, most of the times it is better to book very nicely maintained standard gulet boat with perfect crew and all the best services, rather than get the huge discount on 15.000 €/luxury gulet….where it can happen crew will need to save on services, food, and maintenance to get the difference back.

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