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What are main Croatia gulet cruise highlights?

The main Croatia cruise highlights are put into 4 main sections:


1) Very nice bays you visit during the day
2) More than 1.200 different islands
3) Very nice Mediterranean towns all over the coast and on islands
4) Several national parks
5) Couple of nice bigger towns inland

 Gulet Tajna Mora


The best description about Croatia can be found on this link!


So you can truly experience everything you wish in Croatia cruise.


You can either enjoy only nature at its best and cruise on different bays during the day while in the evenings you stay in some smaller villages or on anchor under millions of stars.


Panoramic view of the Prozura bay, island Mljet, Croatia


You can also make a bit of combination and check all this bays during the day while in the evening you stay in nice Mediterranean towns and go out of gulet for a stroll along the streets.

Or you can have a party cruise and go from one bigger town to another.


Possibilities and combinations are almost unlimited.


Other Croatian highlights are very well explained by Lonely Planet guides.


You can check all of the info about Weather, Currency, Tips and other info and a lot of other useful info on this link:


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