Vis Military Tour

When you go on a yachting holiday, you want to experience something meaningful.

And Vis military tour is definitely the most authentic exploring experience on the island.

That's why our concierge people tend to organize tours like this one. To make your experience meaningful.  

Knowing the best local provides on top Croatian islands, we can get arrange all the good stuff in just a couple of calls. 

What's even better is that our concierge people can be with you onboard to create a personalized itinerary for every single day. 24/7 availability is their thing. 

George castle on island Vis

The secret military past of the Vis island

There are over 30 different military objects scattered across the island, including fortresses, military subways and labyrinths of tunnels. One of the most attractive ones is the missile base at Stupišće point near Komiža. It was a huge base for land-sea missiles with impressive tunnel and bunker complex to be on alert in case of invasion.

After World War II, Vis became a military base with strictly controlled access, so the beauty of the island has remained relatively intact. It was only in the summer of 1989 that the island opened to foreign visitors.

Goolets organizes this military tour with Land Rover jeeps where each vehicle has its own local tour guide. You will see some of the many abandoned military sites on Vis, hear some incredible stories and enjoy the amazing panoramic view.

Highest point

The Itinerary

Departure begins from Komiža, the most beautiful fisherman town in Croatia. 

After a short drive, you will reach cape Stupišće where a former cannon and rocket base is located. Once you pass through the labyrinth of underground tunnels, you’ll see the remains of cannons and abandoned warehouses. After the rocket base Stupišće, you will continue driving to the next military tunnel ARK Vela Glava. 

A tour of the tunnel will follow and after you will ascend the highest point of the island of Vis – Hum peak (587 m). You will enjoy the view of the surrounding archipelago and town of Komiža and visit the small church of St. Spirit. On the way back, we will take a short walking tour of the well-known Tito’s cave.

Military tour

What will you also see?

  • A British RAF World War II Airfield, used by British, USA, and Canadian planes for refueling and emergency landings, with most preserved airplane wreckages in the world.
  • A Cold War Bunker built by the Yugoslav army in order to fortify the island
  • A Secret Naval Camouflaged base used by fast Motor Rocket Attacking ships for fast Guerilla Naval Warfare in case of Huge Conflict in Cold War. 
Land rovers

The service info

  • Price: € 45 per person
  • Duration: 3.5 hours
  • Service includes: guide, Land Rover vehicles, helmets, and headlights

Experience on of the richest historical tours in Croatia and contact our concierge team here

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