The island of Vis is one the most precious islands in Dalmatia. It was relatively untouched by massive tourism due to its distant position from the coast. Before, it served as a military zone.  Since the independence of Croatia, Vis began opening to the world and even Croatia. It is truly a lost and found treasure. Not, it became one the most popular places in Croatia due to its famous beaches and caves. Yes, this is the place of a stunning Stiniva beach and a Blue Cave and attractions we can’t wait to show you.  Don’t forget to try local food like “viška pogača” and wines. Time to swim and eat like gods used to enjoy in this place. That’s why it so beautiful. It was made for gods. 



Vis Island, Komiža


1) Ancient Greeks called it Issa
2) Beach Stiniva was rated the best beach in the Europe in 2016. season
3) Famous for its special food and wine
4) Blue Cave is located next to the Vis

Things to do in Vis


Blue Cave

This is one of the main reasons why you came to Croatia. One of the unique natural phenomena of the world, the Blue Cave on island Biševo will be your highlight of a vacation in Croatia. With its silvery-blue color, created by the light refraction of sunlight entering through a crack in the cave, it leaves nobody unimpressed. It wasn’t until recently that the cave was open for public and it has been a must-see location ever since its opening. 

The blue cave

Green Cave

The cave on the island of Ravnik is well known as a Green Cave. It is a cave formed by means of abrasion with two entrances and an aperture on the top through which light enters reflecting colors from the sea bottom painting its walls green.  It had a great role in the period of the Second World War as a shelter for warships. Blue and Green Cave around Vis?! Where do I sign?

Stiniva Beach

It was rated top beach in Europe in 2016 and for good reason. Stiniva Bay is located in the southern part of the island of Vis. It is approachable from the sea through a narrow passage after which the bay broadens and ends on a beautiful beach. There is no road leading to the bay and for this reason, it has managed to preserve its natural beauty.

Stiniva bay

Fort George

When you get to the Vis, it will be hard to miss it. It was called after the English commander of Vis, George Duncan Robertson.On the interior terrace, there are semi-circular gaps for cannons and all the walls are secured by loop-holes. WE recommend to take a bike and ride towards it. IT is a mostly uphill, but getting downhill with a spectacular view is something you will adore. 




Presenting few restaurants, cafe, and market where you can expect only superb food, produce and amazing dishes for good prices. Everything you need for gastronomic superb experience


Tavern “Golub”

This restaurant specializes in meals cooked “under the bell”. A grid with the items to be cooked is put over a bed of charcoal and over this, a weighty metallic dome, the bell, is placed and covered with more hot charcoal. The octopus we had pre-ordered takes four hours to cook. It is a very traditional way to cook. Quiet, only about six tables and good service with full views of the cooking area which is worth watching. They can even arrange a transfer for you. 

tavern golub vis

Tavern “Lola”

This charming place will primarily conquer you with its beautifully landscaped garden where the tables are protected from the greenery. The combination of an indigenous ambiance,  looks, and a cheerful spirit is appealing to its guests for the seasons.  You can always refresh with a glass of cold drink and enjoy the green terrace. Especially in the evening when the spark plugs light up, it illuminates all the details and Lola turns into a very romantic place.

tavern lola vis 

Tavern “Jastožera”

Once upon a time, an Italian customs officer named Balicco came up with the idea to build a facility in which he could breed and keep lobsters. His plan began its realization in 1883. when he found the investors and builders Ivan Marinković, son of late Ivan and his son Vicko. Since then, the building has been used as a lobster storehouse for trading purposes. This place is a perfect location to try and eat lobster in a beautiful ambiance. Guaranteed quality.

Tavern Rokis

Roki is a family company established in 1991 as a continuation of a 200-year-old family tradition of wine production. The legend says that the first Roki came from Genoa, Italy, at the beginning of the 19th century during the Napoleonic wars. He worked as a craftsman, gaining possession of a house in Pliskom Polje and planting vineyards by marrying a wealthy girlfriend. One of the most favorite places to eat in Vis.

Tavern Bako

When you visit Konoba you will surely enjoy sitting in the shade of tamarisk trees or entering it to discover its unique atmosphere. Its interior will bring you back to some distant past: its stone walls are covered with photos, fishing lanterns, and nets which remind you of how Komiža once was. We offer local specialties among which stand out: Komiža bread, a stew of lobster and various fish dishes and etc.
tavern bako vis

Restaurant Hum

Sit back, relax and enjoy the gastronomical pleasures made according to their traditional cuisine in a beautiful ambient with a view of the sea. They offer a wide range of fresh fish, sea dishes, beautiful meat and lobster. You can also enjoy a plentiful breakfast in the morning and a perfect desert. Just looking at this picture wants to you sit there, enjoying nice summer breeze with your favorite food and people.

restaurant hum vis