The town of Lastovo is surrounded by hills, beautiful family houses, and crystal blue sea. This island is a part of an archipelago that consists of 46 islets and rocks, that toghether create a nature park, and it presents a great challenge to all sailors and yacht lovers who come back to this place year after year, in order to sail around all 46 islands. 



You have 3 options on where & how you can start your cruise.

Private Marinas: is the most comfortable option. The driver takes you more or less in front of your gulet. You get on board in a nice and smooth fashion, no crowds and everything is calm and relaxed.

However, in general, private marinas are more expensive then if you start your cruise in a port. (Your option in Lastovo: Marina Solitudo)

Ports: are usually crowded with lots of people and other ships, yachts & motor sailors. But the locations are best! You step out of the gulet and you are in the heart of the city. If this is what you like, it is perfect. (Your option in Lastovo: Ferry Port Ubli)

On Anchor: this means gulet is on anchor close to the main port and you are transferred from port to gulet with a dinghy/zodiac. Some people find this uncomfortable, and it can be unconvinient for seniors, but some love the adventure.

The good part is, that as soon as you step on a dinghy, you know you are on holidays, on a ship and away from everything. If you wish to GET AWAY from everything ASAP, it is a very popular way to start your cruise. It is also for certain the cheapest way to start also. (Your option in Lastovo: Velji and Mali Lago bays, Zaklopatica bay and Skrivena Luka bay)

Sunset On Lastovo Island
pašman island
lastovo town


1) The furthest inhabited Croatian island
2) Famous for its lighthouses
3) Ideal for lovers and active people
4) Most known for its carnival


Lighthouse Sušac

It is located to the west of Lastovo, which is 13 nautical miles away. The Sušac Lighthouse was built in 1878 on the highest peak of the southern part of the island. From the south it is an exceptionally steep slope, and the cliffs wind up into the deep and clear sea, which after the war has a clearness of up to thirty meters deep. The south-eastern side of the island tread treads towards the sea and abounds in beautiful coves and walking paths. The building is a stone one-storey building with a tower over the center of the building at an altitude of 80 meters. On the ground floor there are lighthouse lighthouses, and on the ground floor are two fully equipped four-bed apartments with beautiful views. The lighthouse owns its own cistern, and electricity is provided by solar collectors with battery batteries.

Fortress Kašćel

At Glavica above the village of Lastovo, where the prehistoric fortress stood, the Dubrovnik government erected a cascade that was repeatedly repaired. It contained an apartment, a well and a small chapel devoted to St. John. In the place of the Dubrovnik canter which was demolished during the slaughter of Lastovo, it was erected in 1808 when the French occupied the island. Their fortress has been transformed and used today for the metro station.

lastovo town
lastovo houses

Cave of Rača

It is located in the southeastern part of the island of Lastovo. Protected geomorphological monument of nature and archaeological site. In this cave they found the oldest traces of life from the early Stone Age to the Roman period. There is also a unique specimen of a square beam, circular shape with engraved cross in the middle, and gnati pots that testify of touches with Greek culture. It is easy to visit, you just need a flashlight.

Lighthouse Struga

It is located in Hidden Lights. It is 7 km from Lastovo and 17 km from the Ublim ferry port. The lighthouse was built in 1839 on the same name. The Struga Lighthouse has a 20 meter high roller tower, located at an altitude of 104 meters. The building has 222 square meters of useful space that is nowadays decorated in four tourist apartments, two two and one two-bedroom apartments, each with a large kitchen with dining room and sanitary node. The lighthouse has heating and it is possible to rent out of season