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Best Ships for Large Groups – Welcome to Croatia

Croatian motosailors are perfect for groups from 22 and up to 46 guests

Admiral deluxe

Main Characteristics

  • The size of these ships range from 25 and up to 50 meters
  • They have from 10 and up to 20 cabins
  • Cabins are air-conditioned and have private facilities
  • All ships have from 5 to 8 crew that will take care of all your wishes
  • The charter price range goes from € 15.000 and up to € 50.000 per week

What is a “Motor Sailor?”

The bay – port Krilo Jesenice that is the shelter of over 200 different types of motor sailors with the tradition of over 250 years old, this port is the mother and guardian of most of the people involved in Cruises in Croatia.

The quality of the ships is getting better and better with every generation. Owners from Krilo take huge proud in their ships, their business and their past and some of the ships that are being built in recent years are leaving everyone in awe.


Expect Superb Services & Incredibly Maintained Vessels

This ships are not only in superb condition, they also have heart and soul which is special and impossible to get in any serial production type of boat. When you charter this ship, it is one of the kind and unique experiences in the world.


Main Technical Characteristics

It is hard to make an average estimate, but most of the ships are from 25 to 50 meters in length.
Mostly they have from 10 and up to 16 or even 20 cabins. The salon is usually on a deck, while cabins can be situated either under deck or on deck, which gives you a great view of the sea while relaxing in your cabin.

Ships are put into 3 main categories

  • B category: cabins on these ships only have double beds or bunk beds, while all clients use joint toilet facilities;
  • A category: every cabin has its own shower and toilets;
  • A Plus or Luxury category: all cabins are air-conditioned, bigger and better;
  • Deluxe category: huge “almost yacht lookalike” type f vessels with no expenses saved.

Presenting "Deluxe Category"

You will get the best idea of what to expect if you check the photo gallery below. These ships cost anywhere from € 30.000 per week and up to € 50.000 per week and can accommodate anywhere from 30 and up to 45 people. Food, drinks and port taxes are always extra on top of these costs.

Presenting "Luxury (A plus) Category"

We would again invite you to check the photo gallery of these vessels below to get an idea of what to expect.
These ships are a bit more affordable with prices ranging from € 20.000 – € 30.000 per week + extras.

Presenting “A Category” ships

These ships are mostly wooden vessels, with 10 and up to 16 cabins at maximum. They are well maintained, but cabins are a bit smaller and not always air-conditioned. They have prices from € 15.000 – € 20.000 per week and can accommodate from 20 to 30 people.


Where can you cruise?

Most departures are from Trogir, Split and Dubrovnik and they cover the entire Adriatic region. You can find most of the routes for Croatia on this link.


With a special notion on the routes:

  • Due to the size and speed, these boats can easily do Split – Dubrovnik – Split cruise in a single week
  • Motorsailors cruise during the day, and spend the nights in Ports. You can also spend a night on anchor, but it is not very common.

Best time to Book

These ships get most of the booking form:

  • Large tour operators that book them for the entire season and then sell them on a “cabin charter basis” for special groups like cycling, seniors, hiking, guided tours….
  • Larger groups of 20 – 45 people, that book up to 1 year in advance.

The bottom line is, that it is very hard to get a free week on a private charter cruise on a “last-minute basis”, which in this case means booking made from January – June for the same season.

Most of the bookings for charter happen from March until December – FOR THE NEXT YEAR. So if you will wait until the last minute to get a better deal – you will probably get out empty-handed.

How we can help

We work directly with most of the owners of motor sailors and tour operators that promote them.

So all you need to do is to:

We will then check the market and send you the best possible proposals with all the info to your email.


How we can make “Life good for you”

Booking a motor sailor in Croatia is just part of the story.

After you book the vessel, you will get your own personal concierge, who will assist you in:

  • Organizing a perfect itinerary;
  • Help you organize a food menu, that will serve your taste buds;
  • Propose and organize the best land trips Croatia has to offer;
  • Prepare the crew for your arrival;
  • Organize transfers, check-in logistics and check out logistics;
  • Make sure you have the best holidays of your life.

We do all this 1 month before your departure and organize every single detail that can improve the quality of your holidays.

Send us an inquiry and let’s start planning together.

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