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Blue cruises in Turkey, Croatia and Greece. Which destination is the best?

Turkey, Croatia, or Greece? Where to go? What to book?

Lots of times we receive inquiries from people, that are not sure where to cruise. They are keen on trying out the gulet cruise concept but they are not sure where. That is why I have decided to write this post and explain the main differences between TurkeyCroatia, and Greece gulet cruises. There is also the option to go to Montenegro, but this is another story.

This is not a post about general info of each country as you can find this on several large portals such as the lonely planet. This is the post about the main facts that gulets can offer in a combination with each destination.

If you are not sure where to go on a cruise read this post and maybe it will help you in your final decision.

Gulet prices and possibilities! Let's start with Turkey.

Turkey is the home of gulet-type ships. In the last 30 years, this product has evolved from lower budget vessels to ultra-luxury floating palaces and the number of gulets went from around 30 – 50 ships, up to more than 500 or 1000 gulet-type ships ready for charter. This means that competition is truly huge and that is why you can truly get the best gulets for the lowest prices in Turkey.

QUEEN OF SALMAKIS From the bowspirit

So if you wish for the best price out of all 3 destinations Turkey is probably the best! It is easier to find a perfect option when you can choose from 1000 vessels rather than 50.

For an exact “cost breakdown” of how much a gulet cruise will cost you approximately per person, click here.


Turkey highlights during the cruise

Turkey has amazing nature and millions of spots and bays to explore. Turkey's coast is also referred to as Turquoise Turkey, because of the crystal clear sea and the color of the water.

In Turkey, you will spend most of the evenings in nice secluded bays on anchor, under millions of stars away from heavy crowds. There are also some nice towns which you can check, such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek, and Antalya and you can also visit domestic Turkish villages where you will get the best feeling of genuine Turkey.

Grilled octopus, traditional Mediterranean dish

Turkey is also famous for its cuisine. Turkish food is considered one of the TOP 5 in the World and you will also be amazed by the way they can present the food.
In Turkey food is not just something you eat, but you will also remember the design and the fuss along with it.

Turkey is best for:

  • families with young children, that wish to swim sunbathe, and take it easy
  • seniors that wish to escape the crowds
  • couples that like nature and easygoing trips
  • for all archaeology enthusiasts that wish to explore ruins

Gulet cruise prices and possibilities in Croatia

If you wish to rent a gulet in Croatia there are around 50 gulets to choose from and the services and the quality of the vessels are getting better and better. Prices are now more than realistic since the recession happened several years ago. In Turkey you can still get the same quality gulets for better prices, however also in Croatia, you can get some very very nice gulets for very good prices. Do not expect lots of super last-minute deals as possibilities are limited and most of the dates are sold out.

Slano lake in nature park Telascica, Dugi otok

Croatia highlights during the cruise

Sometimes it seems as if there were gulet-type ships first, and then according to this concept, somebody created CROATIA! The distances in Croatia are short and there are tons of things which you can see.

There is something for everybody there. You have a huge number of beautiful bays with an incredible sea. Croatia has more than 1200 islands and lots of picturesque small towns on islands, that will take your breath away. On the other hand, you also have several nice bigger towns, where you can have lots of parties and also lots of possibilities for sightseeing.

Reef on Elaphites island Lopud - Dubrovnik archipelago

While in Turkey crew can sometimes be a bit shy and laid back in Croatia this is usually not the case. The owner is lots of times also the captain on board and he will be more than happy to share some of the great stories with you and advise you on the route and on things you can do there.

You can check towns such as ZadarŠibenik, Primošten, Vodice, Trogir, Split, Makarska riviera, and Dubrovnik.


You can explore islands such as Hvar, Brač, Korčula, Vis, Ugljan, and Pašman or even visit natural wonders such as Kornati islands, Krka Waterfalls, Mljet national park…

Croatia is best for:

  • families with small children and teenagers will also not be bored!
  • seniors that wish to take it easy!
  • couples that wish to party all week long or be away from crowds (or a combination of both).
  • gourmet groups, that wish to taste the most amazing Mediterranean foods.
  • active groups that wish to see lots of different places.

Gulet cruise prices and possibilities in Greece

In Greece, you can rent a gulet from Athens or nearby and cruise islands such as the Cyclades, Sporades or Ionian islands which are all amazing. Both options are nice. If you rent a Greek gulet, you maybe have only around 15 – 20 vessels that are okay to rent. And most of these gulets cost well over € 15.000 and up to € 45.000 per week. 

Beautiful sunrise at Little Venice on Mykonos island Cyclades Greece

Greece highlights during the cruise

Greece is maybe the most famous country out of the 3 destinations we are presenting to you. Lots of people all around the world dream to see the Santorini sunset, going to a party on Mykonos, checking out the famous “Mamma mia” island, or exploring smugglers bay which is just amazing.

Greece is a very nice destination indeed and there are lots of different possibilities to be checked. When you compare Greece to Turkey and Croatia the destination is a combination of both.


Greece does not have so many different possibilities as Croatia which you can check in a single week as the distances are too far apart, but on the other hand, it has more towns and islands which you can see as Turkey.

Greece is best for:

  • party groups in the Cyclades itinerary. (Ios, Mykonos, Santorini and more….)
  • nature enthusiasts in Ionian and Sporades islands
  • for families and seniors
  • for all archeology freaks – Greece has incredible history!!!

Every destination is special and you will probably find out which one is the best for you when you try them out all by yourself.

What I liked the most out of every destination. Here we go:

  • It was amazing to sleep on deck in Turkey under the millions of stars.
  • In Croatia, it was amazing to take a stroll every night in a different super nice town.
  • I was amazed when we approached Mykonos and Santorini from the sea in Greece and I also loved the parties in Greece.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the clean sea in all 3 destinations.
  • The food was also amazing in all 3 destinations.

My personal winner…….drums, please….IS HOWEVER CROATIA.

But what works out for me, does not work for somebody else.

I advise you if you cannot decide which destination is for you

  • send inquiry to our  sales experts and ask them for advice

Mitja Mirtič

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