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Things to do in Šibenik on your cruising yacht holidays

Šibenik is the oldest native Croatian city in the central part of the Adriatic Coast. Although small in size, it has a rich history, natural beauty, and vibrant culture that will definitely captivate and inspire any visitor.

The city is famous for its cathedrals and fortresses that are UNESCO protected.


Located between Zadar, Split, and two great national parks Krka and Kornati, it's no wonder that Šibenik is a popular yachting destination.

Goolets can include Šibenik and its beautiful surroundings in your yachting itinerary. That way you can escape the south Adriatic tourist masses while experiencing the secluded nature beauties of this area. 


Top interesting facts about Šibenik

  • Šibenik is the oldest native Croatian city in the Adriatic
  • It has the first street lighting in the world
  • Hometown of the famos basketball player Dražen Petrović
  • It's one of the five cities in the world with two Unesco Heritage Sites

Must-see attractions

Here are some of the attractions you can not afford to miss.


St. Nichola’s Fortress

St. Nicholas fortress is situated at the entrance to St. Anthony’s channel, and it was constructed during the 16th century in order to protect the town from the Turkish attacks from the sea. It was built after the plans of the Venetian military architect Michelle Sammichelli. The White stone was used for building the lower parts of the fortress and red stone for the upper parts. St. Nicholas’ fortress is one of the strongest maritime fortification architecture on the Adriatic Sea.

St. Michael Fortress

One of the first things that visitors see when entering Šibenik by road is the silhouette of St Michael’s Fortress, which crowns the pyramidal hill above Šibenik’s Old Town. Running downhill from the fortress towards the seafront is a crenelated set of double walls built in the 15th century to provide access to the sea. With recent extensive reconstruction, it has become a great summer stage for various cultural and music events.

Sibenik Aerial

St. James Cathedral

The cathedral of St. Jacob is the most valuable architectural monument built during the 15th and the 16th century in Croatia, and according to its beauty, construction techniques and style characteristics it is not only the biggest and the most valuable object of the architectural heritage of the Town of Šibenik, but it represents also a unique monument of the European sacral architecture.

According to its artistic value, it belongs to the most valuable European monumental cathedrals, and thanks to some of its features it is unique not only among the cathedrals but among the Christian churches in general.


Aquarium Terrarium

Aquarium Šibenik is a unique experience of the sea and seabed for the whole family. It will offer an unforgettable and instructive experience to children, parents, and grandparents. 

Situated in the old town, only 50 meters from Cathedral of St James, in an authentic Dalmatian stone house.

On the surface of 200 m2, there are 20 aquariums with Adriatic and tropic fishes and plants. Close to every aquarium there is a LED screen with information about aquarium inhabitants. As a part of the aquarium, there is a souvenir shop with authentic souvenirs related to the sea and Dalmatia, mainly made by local creative artists.

Town Hall

The Town hall in Šibenik is situated on the medieval central town square (the Square of the Republic of Croatia), used to be Plathea communism. This is a very harmonious and transparent Renaissance building constructed between 1533 and 1546. The ground-floor encompasses the cloister (with columns supporting semi-circular arches) from which there was an access to the offices of communal administration. There is a representative hall on the floor where the sessions of town councils took place.

Ohana Deck

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The best restaurants and taverns to consider in Šibenik

Several places where you can expect only superb food, drinks, and experience. Goolets has personal contacts with the owners of these places. They take special care of our guests.  

Vino i Ino

Ul. Fausta Vrančića bb, 22000, Šibenik

Vino & Ino is mentioned for the first time in late 2011 when they opened the “mobile” bar in Zagreb. The experiment went great.  The test resulted in the opening of a popular central location in Sibenik, followed by a tour of many other festivals and events that continued to this day. Over the years, after promoting local vine producers they added local delicacies to enrich and promote food from Dalmatia.


Ul Jurja Dalmatinca 1, 22000, Šibenik

For the few years in a row, Pelegrini holds the title of the best Dalmatian restaurant. It has it all –  enchanting atmosphere, an unmatchable view of the cathedral of St. Jacob. In the heart of Šibenik lies a restaurant with one of the best chefs in Dalmatia. Every new season the restaurant comes up with completely new dishes because every dish tells a different new story. Every season is a new chapter in life.

Tavern Nostalgija

11, Ul. Biskupa Fosca, 22000, Šibenik

Nostalgija” in Croatian means nostalgic. So, gastronomic experience in this restaurant is like time traveling in the times when food was fresh, local and prepared with love. Nostalgija offers you the taste of Mediterranean as it once was. This is a place for an authentic experience for any food enthusiasts who want to eat with their eyes closed with all of the five senses included in this gastronomic journey.

Things to do

There's plenty of exciting ideas to do in the Šibenik area. 

Cruise to Kornati

National Park “Kornati”

This is a must. The Kornati are just hundreds and hundreds of scattered islands. Remember, Croatia has more than 3000 islands. It is a magnificent view for any traveler. A pleasant ride to Vodice where a boat awaits you.  You can swim in the lake and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Kornati islands. Lunch is served on board. On return, you can enjoy the panorama of Kornati islands, view the cliffs.

These tours include sightseeing most beautiful islands in Kornati archipelago and tour guide.


National park “Krka”

After a pleasant voyage, we reach the National Park Krka. The tourist guide is included in this offer. A look at the weaving workshop with a professional presentation. A visit to the mills, valves, and pillars that for centuries use the power of the Skradinian cliff whose sedge barriers and waterfalls leave every visitor breathless. Sailing with boat back to Skradin then ride a bus back to the meeting point.

This journey lasts approx 7 hours. A whole wonderful journey in beautiful nature.


The ferry starts by bus to the river Cetina 6 Km from Omiš. After taking over and testing the equipment needed for rafting, the rafting adventure begins with the canyon of one of the most beautiful Croatian rivers. Whole distance exchanges are quiet parts and speeds, rated II – III and do not require special physical preparation or experience. Rafting takes 3-4 hours and ends in Radman’s mills. Then a little bit of free time then rides back to the meeting point.


Solaris Aquapark

Aquapark is the first theme park in Dalmatia. It is located in the family part of Resort, next to Solaris Children’s Hotel Andrija and Solaris Beach Hotel Jakov. Numerous slides, jets, sprinklers, and waterfalls are just part of this fun adventure. Various facilities and attractions such as the exceptionally popular “lazy river”, large barrels and kids areas stretch over eight thousand square feet. Perfect for a family weekend.


Banj Beach is a small-pebbled beach not far from the center of Šibenik, the beach has a view of the old center. Banj beach of Šibenik offers numerous kinds of water entertainment to its guests. Banj beach is sloping, small-pebbled, and is good for rest with children. Banj Beach has the international Blue Flag award for the cleanness of the sea. Banj Beach is the most beautiful beach of the Adriatic, it is a cult beach of the Riviera of Šibenik.

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