Gulets, Yachts Or Mini Cruisers? Optimal Boats For Your Wedding.

A boat wedding is definitely an interesting way to get married. Different, should we say.

But what type of boat? How big? How expensive? 

Actually, it all depends based on your:  

  • preferences
  • number of guests 
  • budget


Starting with the basics. If you like something traditional, with more authenticity than fanciness, and you are not inviting so many people, and you are not willing to spend TOO much, then gulets are the optimal wedding boats for you. 



You like your wedding to be stylish and fancy, you are STILL not inviting a lot of people but are willing to spend a little bit more. These yachts might be optimal for you. 

Yachts a bit bigger

Yachts (a bit bigger)

Let's upgrade a little bit. Similar yachts, but for more people, with a bigger budget. Check them out here

Mini cruisers

Mini cruisers

The biggest boats in our offer are mini cruisers. They don't necessarily cost more than previous boats, but they are definitely the largest ones (over 40 meters), optimal for large groups. If you want comfort, stability, and luxury for you and your guests, search no more. 

There you have it. Those are the main boat types appropriate for your wedding cruise. 

If you are interested in any of them, you can get more information here.

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