Boat wedding recommendations

Boat Wedding Companies - Top Recommendations

You considered a boat wedding as an option, but don't know how to find the right company for that?

Here is a list of the most recommended boat wedding companies that provide their services on different types of boats.

Note: your wedding ceremony doesn't necessarily have to be on the boat, but a wedding reception followed by a cruising week is organized on deck. 



For this type of boat, we recommend you Awesome Caribbean Weddings. With amazing reviews, 5-star rates, Wedding Wire awards and other certifications, their service is top-notch! If you want to get married on a catamaran on island Saint Lucia, definitely check them out. This is their gallery

Big cruise ships


For huge boats like cruisers, be sure to go to Celebrity Cruises. They are doing business all over the world, covering numerous amazing destinations to get married at. Also, check out their detailed post about some important questions regarding wedding cruisers. 

Mini cruisers

Mini cruisers

What company should you trust when it comes to cruisers in smaller versions? Yacht StarShip is a great choice. Locally operating for 20 years in Florida (Tempa Bay and Clearwater Beach), they earned superb awards, reviews, and certifications, and that justifies this recommendation. Check out their brochure here

Yachts and gulets

Yachts and Gulets

You can find perfect choice combinations for luxury yachts and traditional gulets at Goolets. As the number 1 gulet expert globally, we will provide you all our expertise for organizing the best yacht or gulet wedding in Croatia, a top destination that is getting trendier by the minute. 

For any questions regarding your perfect boat wedding, contact our sales advisors

Yacht Wedding Planning Timeline

Gulets, Yachts Or Mini Cruisers? Optimal Boats For Your Wedding.

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