Climate & weather in Croatia during summer

One of the most important things for all yachters is weather conditions. Croatia has differing geography but the weather stays similar around the country for the most part. Croatia’s climate becomes more Mediterranean the closer you get to the coast and the Adriatic Sea keeps the area cooler down during the summer months. Here are some useful pieces of information about the climate, wind, and temperature from May till October!

What’s the climate like in Croatia in May?

The rainy day will start reducing while temperatures generally start to rise in May as summer gets closer. The weather differs from region to region, and from town to town, but popular coastal cities have a typical high temperature of 21ºC in May. The lowest it can go, especially during the night is 11ºC. If you plan to cruise at this time make sure to bring some long sleeves and an umbrella if you want to explore towns during the day so rain doesn’t surprise you on the way.

Sea temperatures are around 18ºC, so children or those who are not feeling brave perhaps won’t find that temperature comfortable for swimming. UV levels will be high on sunny days so having a sun cream is advised to bring and use. 

Freedom in Bol from Brač

Temperature air: average 19 / 21°C, falls up to 12°C at night

Humidity: 81 %      

Wind: 8 Mph     

Sea temperature: 17ºC

What’s the forecast like in Croatia in June?

Around the whole country, the weather gets kind of similar, and no matter which coastal town you visit you will be able to enjoy sunshine and warmth during June.

If you are going to major cities like Split or Dubrovnik in June the daily temperature will be 25ºC. During your cruise, you will be able to enjoy the sea that reaches a temperature of 22ºC. 

We advise you to bring suncream, shorts, and T-shirts, with a few extra long sleeves if the evenings get a bit cooler.

A panoramic view of the walled city Dubrovnik Croatia.

Temperature air: average 25°C, falls up to 15°C at night

Humidity: 79%      

Wind: 5 Mph      

Sea temperature: 21ºC

What’s the warmth like in Croatia in July?

Since the Croatian coast falls under the Mediterranean climate you can expect hot weather if you’re going to a yacht in Croatia in July. You’ll be able to keep cool by swimming in the sea that reaches 24ºC which is very comfortable for swimming and watersports but still very refreshing.

The weather cools down to quite a pleasant 16ºC at night, so bringing an extra sleeve might be necessary for some. You can expect a lot of sunshine daily, but be aware of the high UV level.

Komiza town and boats docked in marina on Vis Island

Temperature air: average 26/28°C falls up to 17°C at night

Humidity: 76%      

Wind: 4 Mph      

Sea temperature: 24ºC

What are meteorological conditions like in Croatia in August?

The daily temperature is around 28ºC in August on the coast, and you can keep the sea and light breeze. This time is amazing for relaxing in the sun, while things cool down to quite a pleasant 16ºC at night.

The typical sea temperature is around 24ºC which is very pleasant and ideal for those who want to spend days on the beaches or the privacy of the bays.

For those who want to explore the towns or for example hike, the weather will be too hot during the day, so it is advised that you visit later in the year.


Temperature air: average 26 / 30°C falls up to 17°C at night

Humidity: 74%      

Wind: 4 Mph      

Sea temperature: 25ºC

What’s the weather like in Croatia in September?

The weather at the coast is super nice during this period because you will be cooled down by the light breezes keeping you comfortable in September.

Temperature is around 24ºC in September which makes it still amazing for swimming, although sea temperature will drop a little bit to around 23ºC. However during the night, it gets a bit chilly, and the lowest it can go is 13ºC at night.

September, on average is ideal for yachters who would love to do more of town exploration and land activities since the weather is not too hot during the day. Also, those interested in diving will enjoy cooler temperatures at sea.


Temperature air: average 20°C falls up to 14°C at night

Humidity: 82%      

Wind: 5 Mph      

Sea temperature: 23ºC

What’s the temperature like in Croatia in October?

In this period of the year, the weather is still warm, but there is a larger chance of rain.

In the coastal region, cities and islands will start cooling down as the average high temperature will go up to 19ºC which is still warm enough to spend days at the beach, but for some, it might be too cold. You’ll have to bring some warmer clothes especially because temperatures fall to 9ºC at night.

The average sea temperature is around 23-20ºC or less, and there are over 11 rainy days on average, and sunsets will occur closer to 5 pm.


Temperature air: average 16°C falls up to 10°C at night

Humidity: 87%      

Wind: 5 Mph      

Sea temperature: 20-23ºC

May and October: offseason 

These months are the ideal perfect for those who want to avoid big groups of tourists and are just seeking privacy. In May & October, the most amazing gulets are still available and they come at the most affordable price so you can save some money and invest it in, for example, the best quality food on board.

July and August: high - season 

All the sun worshipers will enjoy these months since there is plenty of summer temperature in Croatia! This is also the time when coastal destinations are the most lively and full of fun events. The downside for some may be the fact that prices are highest in this period because this is the time of the high season. 

June and September: midseason

This is the best month to cruise because it has a perfect blend of everything. You can enjoy the sunshine and slightly cooler temperatures. You will successfully avoid all the big crowds, but you’ll get to see that they are places are slowly getting busier.

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