Tersane 8





No. of cabins


No. of guests


No. of crew





44 meters


9.2 meters


3.9 meters

Cruise Speed

10 knots



Cabins for guests


Water Sports

Water skiing, Ringo ride, Tube ride, 5 Paddleboards, 2 Canoes

Crew Description

7 crew members

Cabin Description
TERSANE 8 Layout

Prices for Tersane 8

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Season A

From 23 April 2022

till 30 April 2022

26.000 €

Season B

From 30 April 2022

till 28 May 2022

30.000 €

Season C

From 28 May 2022

till 04 June 2022

32.190 €

Season D

From 04 June 2022

till 25 June 2022

34.000 €

Season E

From 25 June 2022

till 02 July 2022

35.160 €

Season F

From 02 July 2022

till 27 August 2022

38.000 €

Season G

From 27 August 2022

till 03 September 2022

36.300 €

Season H

From 03 September 2022

till 01 October 2022

34.000 €

Season I

From 01 October 2022

till 22 October 2022

30.000 €

  • GOOLETS SUPPORT: complimentary assistant who will guide you through your entire yacht journey
  • SHIPBOARD ACCOMMODATION: maximum number of 28 + 4 guests sleeping in 14 cabins
  • FUEL FOR CRUISING: up to 4 hours/day
  • CREW: 7 crew members
  • AIR CONDITIONING: 10 hours/day
  • LINEN: bed sheets, bathroom, and bath towels, and deck towels
  • SNACKS: 5 o’clock tea & coffee with snacks
  • WI-FI in Turkish waters
  • PORT TAXES in Turkish waters

Mandatory Extras:


1. Half board + 4 dinners, soft drinks: 440 €/person/week
  • Breakfast, lunch, 4 dinners, 5 o'clock tea and coffee with various servings, still water, mineral water, fruit juices, Fanta, Sprite, Coca-Cola, and other soft drinks.
  • This option provides you with the flexibility to eat several lunches or dinners ashore in local restaurants.
2. Half board, soft drinks: 380 €/person/week
  • The combination of breakfast and lunch or breakfast and dinner is possible. Not all itineraries and yachts in Turkey provide this option. Check with your yacht charter specialists if this option is possible on your desired yacht.
  • 5 o'clock tea and coffee with various servings, still water, mineral water, fruit juices, Fanta, Sprite, Coca-Cola, and other soft drinks.
3. The minimum cost of Food is 1.500 €/week (in case of small groups)


1. Alcoholic drinks:
  • Preferred alcoholic beverages can be ordered in advance. Before departure, we provide clients with a Proforma invoice with a total cost for drinks. After approval from a client, we pre-purchase the drinks and deliver them onboard.

Port and Tourist Taxes

  • Included in the charter price in Turkish waters


  • Not included in the charter price

Non-Mandatory Extras:

24-hour usage of A/C 24
  • 1.000 €/week
Greek Islands fuel difference
  • 1.000 €/week + port taxes
Private Marinas:
  • If a client wishes to use private marinas the costs can vary from 300 and up to 500 €/night.
  • In Turkey, it is customary to tip min 5% and up to 12% of the charter price, according to satisfaction of guests.
Additional Motorized Water Sports:
  • Tersane 8 has water skiing, tube ride, and Ringo ride which is charged for the fuel used according to clients usage.
Other Options on request:
  • Airport transfers, diving schools recommendations, guided land tours, restaurant bookings, bike rentals, hotel recommendations, spa recommendations, ...

Finding the right yacht is important. But finding the perfect combination of the yacht, the crew (including the chef), itinerary, and activities that are all tailor-made to align with your group's structure, requires significant effort and forward planning.

This is what we pride ourselves on doing best.

A: Understanding your group structure, wishes, philosophy, and priorities.

B: Making sure your entire holiday is organised in a way that accommodates your whole group.

We are a customer-service company first, and a yacht broker second. We look forward to being of assistance to you.

The entire yacht search process at Goolets is organised in a way that we always find the best ''value for money'', most suitable yacht available for your group.

  • First, we review as many vessels as possible to ensure all bases are covered.
  • Then, we refine the selection to 2 or 3 options, any of which would be a good choice.

We always ensure you receive the best possible deal and the best possible service on these suggestions.

We concentrate on a yacht's overall value based on your search criteria first, then we look for discounts.

The amount of any discount will vary depending on the yacht's availability at the time of booking.

If according to your search criteria, there are dozens of yachts available at the destination you want, on the dates you request, there will be more room for negotiation on price.

If what you are looking for is a yacht in high demand, there is little or no flexibility on pricing.

Each yacht's charter rate varies, depending on destination, type of yacht, and various additional expenses.

To arrive at an estimate of how much the entire charter will cost (including the charter of the yacht itself, food, drinks, fuel, VAT, port taxes, crew tips, national park entry fees, and so on), the rule of thumb is to take the base charter price and add 30%.

Sometimes the cost will be lower, sometimes higher; but for the best guesstimate, this formula will give you a good idea of the overall expenses.

For example, if the base charter price of a yacht is quoted at 30,000 €/week, with all the additional costs the total payment due (not including flights or transfers) would be around 39,000 €/week.

When you inform us about your preferences, our charter experts will always break down the expenses in detail, so there are no hidden costs when you arrive on your yacht or during your trip.

Most yacht charter destinations have a handful of the most popular itineraries that are being used 90% of the time. Our yacht experts will be happy to advise which one would be the most suitable for you.

The most important part of route planning is not so much which route you take, but what you will do at each port of call, and how you wish to personalise each day to suit your preferences.

The same itinerary will be structured in an entirely different way if, for example, you are a group with small children; or if you have teenagers; or if you like to party; or you are a group of active seniors interested in sightseeing.

We are experts in tailoring your route in a bespoke way that optimizes every moment of your holiday.

We monitor the live availability of all yachts via various systems - either directly through Goolets' online booking lists, or via yachting portals such as Yachtfolio, Charter Index, CYA, Nausys, or Booking Manager.

Bookings are changing on an almost hourly basis, so each date needs to be frequently monitored.

You can check the real-time availability of the vessel either by submitting the inquiry form, sending an email to info@goolets.net, calling us on the phone, or contacting us via the ''live chat'' function (if you reach us inside our working hours).

We pride ourselves on replying promptly and will do everything we can to respond quickly.

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Understanding your wishes

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