The tough living conditions meant that a lot of people moved to the mainland for work, leaving the interior almost deserted. Exploring Brač’s stone villages is a lovely experience.The two main centres, Supetar and Bol, are quite different: Supetar is pleasant if unassuming, while Bol revels in its more exclusive appeal.


Beach on Brac


1) Zlatni Rat beach is the famous beach in Croatia
2) The oldest Wine Association in Dalmatia dates back to 1903, and it’s located in Bol.
3) Famous for stone and marble production
4) The highest peak island in Croatia (Mt. Vidova Gora)

Things to do in Brač


Beach Bol

Bol is the oldest coastal settlement on Brač. It exists in the solitude of the southern landscape, at the foot of the Bol crown and Vidova Mountain? the highest island peak and at the same time the highest point of all Adriatic islands (778 m).


Vidova Gora mountain on Brač island and Zlatni Rat beach in Bol aerial view Dalmatia, Croatia

Vidova Mountain

Vidova Gora (778m) is the highest peak on the island of Brač, as well as the highest mountain peak on the Adriatic. From the top of Vidova Gora there is a divine view of Bol, the popular beach “Zlatni rat” and the island of Hvar. It is located in the southern part of Brač, just above Bol.

Blaća Monastery

Blaća desert is special in so many ways it’s sufficient to say you won’t find anything similar anywhere near or far. It stretches on fifty-six acres, between Dragovode and Blaća bay. It is considered a desert, because of the scarce nature which surrounds the lovely  monastery. Blaća desert was a home to many generations of monks since the seventeenth century.  For a time in history this was the main school attended by pupils from the small villages nearby. The monastery holds the second largest telescope in Europe, which hasn’t been used for ages. Today, this is one of the most favorite hiking destinations and picture worthy sightings.

Pustinja Blaca stone desert hermitage on Brač island, Dalmatia, Croatia


Presenting few restaurants, cafe, and market where you can expect only superb food, produce and amazing dishes for good prices. Everything you need for gastronomic superb experience

Tavern Riva

The restaurant with the longest tradition and distinctive cuisine is located in very center of town’s port. It occupies two floors of an old stone house built in traditional dalmatian style. On the first floor is a restaurant with kitchen and barbecue grill. There is also a restaurant terrace, which is open during the tourist season. The terrace offers a magnificent view of the whole port and the island of Hvar in the distance

Restaurant Mali Raj

Restaurant ‘Mali Raj (Little Paradise)’ in Bol on the island Brac is located in a wonderful location directly above the beach Zlatni rat. It is easily accessible by car, following the road to the famous beach ‘Zlatni Rat’. The restaurant has its own parking for guests. It can also be reached on foot, with promenade direction to the west of town Bol.

Restaurant Galicija

Sitting pretty in a prime harbour-front spot with lots of polished wood and a slim covered terrace, this elegant place is one of Zadar’s best restaurants. The cooking marries fresh Croatian produce, rich French-style sauces and plenty of Italian touches. The seafood, however, is a touch on the pricey side for what you get.