Brač is the largest island in central Dalmatia, with several towns, sleepy villages and a dramatic Mediterranean landscape of cliffs, inky waters and pine forests. The best part about it is the fact that it is in very close distance to the city of Split that is a great starting point to start your private yacht charter. It takes about an hour to reach this beautiful island scattered with rocks, vineyards, olive, fig, almond, and sour-cherry orchards. Exploring Brač’s on a private yacht is an amazing experience. The two main centers we recommend visiting are Supetar and Bol, that are quite different: Supetar is pleasant if unassuming, while Bol revels in its more exclusive appeal.



You have 3 options on where & how you can start your cruise.

Private Marinas: is the most comfortable option. The driver takes you more or less in front of your gulet. You get on board in a nice and smooth fashion, no crowds and everything is calm and relaxed. However, in general, private marinas are more expensive then if you start your cruise in a port. (Your option in Brač: Marina Milna, Marina Vlaška)

Ports: are usually crowded with lots of people and other ships, yachts & motor sailors. But the locations are best! You step out of the gulet and you are in the heart of the city. If this is what you like, it is perfect. (Your option in Brač: Milna Harbour, Bobovišća, Sutivan, Supetar, Postira, Pučišća, Povlja…)

On Anchor: this means gulet is on anchor close to the main port and you are transferred from port to gulet with a dinghy/zodiac. Some people find this uncomfortable, and it can be unconvinient for seniors, but some love the adventure. (Your option in Brač: Stipanska, Lučice, Smirka, Blaca, Velika Studena…)

FREEDOM Bol on Brac

aci marina milna brač

ACI Marina Milna

Milna is the largest, best-protected, and most beautiful harbour on the island of Brač. ACI Marina Milna has wet berths and 15 dry berths. Thanks in part to its position in the west of the island, the bay is sheltered from all winds and is one of the safest bays for charters during the summer season.

Port of Bol

One of the most famous towns to visit by gulet. It is situated in the centre of the Bol, and it has a great location next to the most interesting places including bars, clubs, and super nice restaurants.

BRAČ Pučišča


1) Zlatni Rat beach is the most famous beach in Croatia
2) The oldest Wine Association in Dalmatia dates back to 1903, located in Bol
3) It’s famous for its stone and marble production
4) It’s the highest peak island in Croatia – Mt. Vidova Gora


Aerial view of Zlatni Rat beach close to the town of Bol on the island of Brac, Croatia

Beach Bol

Bol is the oldest coastal settlement on Brač. It exists in the solitude of the southern landscape, at the foot of the Bol crown and Vidova Mountain – the highest point of all the Adriatic islands at 778 meters.

Vidova Gora mountain on Brac island and Zlatni Rat beach in Bol aerial view Dalmatia, Croatia

Vidova Mountain

Vidova Gora (778m) is the highest peak on the island of Brač, as well as the highest mountain peak on the Adriatic. From the top of Vidova Gora, there is a divine view of Bol, Zlatni Rat, and the island of Hvar. It is located in the southern part of Brač, just above Bol.

Pustinja Blaca stone desert hermitage on Brač island Dalmatia, Croatia

Blaca Monastery

The Blaca desert is special in so many ways it’s sufficient to say you won’t find anything similar anywhere else! It stretches for fifty-six acres, between Dragovode and Blaca bay. It is considered a desert because of the scarce nature which surrounds the beautiful monastery, which in itself holds the second largest telescope in Europe.  Today, this is one of the most favourite hiking destinations and picture worthy sights.