Small Steps & Large Improvement

The beginning of any relationship is always difficult, you don’t know the first steps to take that will lead you in the right direction and you’re uncertain with whom to connect to, whom to trust, and in what direction you want to develop the relationship.

The agency that owns Perla, Kadena, Malena and Dolce Vita was one of the first partners, that supported the idea about Goolets agency and provided us with all the tools that make the promotion of these gulets easier.

How We First Start Working Together

Our partnership with agency began almost 14 years ago. Back then, they owned gulet Bofor, which was later sold.

But their successful business journey allowed them to increase their fleet with gulet Dolce Vita, Kadena, Perla and Malena, which form the largest fleet owned by one agency. The man responsible for this fleet is Mr. Drago Grubišić, who takes care of company business, it’s development (fleet expansion) and reputation in the market. He also performs unexpected inspections during the season so he can monitor his crew, the gulets and ensure everything is going to plan. All due to the fact that the crew performs in a professional way and that it is hospitable to their guests.

Their Fleet Consists Four Gulets:

  • DOLCE VITA (34 meters, 5 cabins for 10 people) is the biggest and most luxurious of all four of their gulets. With an amazing master and VIP cabins available, this gulet if one of the best quality and includes a spacious jacuzzi and jet ski for adrenaline junkies.
Gulet Dolce Vita
  • KADENA (32 meters, 6 cabins for 12 people) according to specifications and how much luxury it offers, is immediately behind the gulet Dolce Vita in terms of luxury. It has a large master cabin and separate front and back cabins. You can enjoy your cruise with various water toys as well as superb devices available.
  • PERLA (30 meters, 7 cabins for 14 people) has the largest number of cabins available, which makes it possible to accommodate large groups. It’s one of very few seven cabin gulets in Croatia and for this reason, sees a lot of repeat clients. You can consider yourself lucky to get a free date on this gulet!
Gulet Perla
  • MALENA (26 meters, 5 cabins for 10 people) is the best option for couples who want to cruise together. It boasts five very comfortable cabins, plus superb chef on board who will take care of culinary delights during the cruise. Malena is the smallest and less-luxurious, but it is a very quaint gulet perfect for quiet groups.

It is true that each gulet differs, but their owners attribute the same attention to maintenance. Before the season, they take care of its outer appearance (painting and lacquering), and all mechanical equipment is checked for flawless operation during the cruise, as well as preparing the guest cabins.

After the season, the entire gulet is cleaned (exterior and interior) so that it can be ready for the next season with whole new clients on board.

As far as the crews is concerned, each gulet sees a tight team who work hard together, and have been doing so for a number of seasons. A good crew is important in ensuring you receive the best service and experience while on your cruise.