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Why gulets offer best holiday experience – EVER?

Imagine the best holidays you ever had in your life! Do you remember all the fun you had? Do you remember all the activities you made? Do you remember what you ate? Learn about gulets experience


Gulet cruise experience

It is impossible to get the idea of a gulet experience explaining only the technical stuff. So it is much better to explain what gulets offer and how you can plan to get the most out of it in combination with all the technical info which also then becomes interesting.

So do you remember your best holidays? Let’s explain why this can be 4 times better.


One of the best things on the gulet is, that you get to see so much in short period of time. Most of the people like to see interesting spots and places while they travel abroad. There are only 2 possibilities, you either check them while renting a car or going with buses, or you do not check them because you prefer to lay down and relax on the beach or in front of the pool sipping on your favorite drink.
When on a gulet cruise, you actually kill 2 flies with 1 hit. You can relax and enjoy your favorite drink, while captain takes you to next super interesting destination. So if you prefer to be easy going, you will still get the chance to see much more than on »normal« holidays, while if you are a sightseeing fanatic, you can see a huge amount of different places and all that without any effort.




If you rent entire gulet for yourself, everything can be 100% organized according to your wishes. Do you remember holidays, when you wanted to sleep a bit longer, but agency scheduled a trip for 07.00 in the morning, for some place you JUST HAD TO SEE! What if you could organize this 100% according to your wishes? Also, you remember the times when your co-traveler wanted to do a »special trip« but you did not want to go? No problem on gulets when it comes to that.
While your friends go check some places, you can stay on gulet and relax with your favorite book.


 Private gulet charter


Do you remember the best food you ever had? Well, gulets can always TOP that (or at least match it). However, the difference happens when you enjoy the best food you can imagine in some isolated bay on fresh air with the best view ever! It is hard to believe it, but this makes the food even better and as an experience of a lifetime.


Gulet cruise crew 


ESCAPING THE CROWDS (as much as you wish)
Don’t you just hate, when you have to search for your spot in front of the pool? Or checking for a place in the shade on the beach? And just when you lay down and start to relax, the group of 10 loud young tourist accommodates themselves just in front of you!
On a gulet cruise, you have your beach always along with you. There are no other pesky tourists who would give you hard time (when renting your own gulet). You will escape mass tourism to the fullest. You can stay an entire week on the anchor, under the stars, enjoying a quiet dinner and recharging your batteries. Or of course, you can go to some popular town and let yourself to the crowds. It is totally up to you. 


Sunbath and swim


There are also several others factors that make gulet cruise holidays an unforgettable experience, but we cannot tell you in the start. I think this will give you very good idea what to expect on the gulet cruise.


But all this is only possible with good planning. So we suggest you trust your agent, ask as many questions as possible and reveal all your wishes, needs, and ideas…as only this is the only way to take your »normal« holidays and multiply the experience times 4!

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