Anđeo anchoring on bay

Gulet Cruises, Like yachting but in style

What is a luxury gulet cruise?

First, we have to point out some differences between a gulet boat and a yacht. Then we must establish why we think gulet cruises offer the best holiday experience possible and what led us to make this rather »big« claim.

Maybe this article will inspire you for your next vacation.


Get comfortable and let yourself enjoy the cruise.

We don’t want to get into too much detail, that’s why we shall limit ourselves to the very basic info.

  • Gulets usually measure 15 – 35 meters in length.
  • All gulets are crewed, are usually motored, some have sails, some don’t – and they all offer numerous advantages.
  • Gulets are more affordable than “normal yachts” and fuel is always already included in price.
  • Most gulets have from 5 and up to 8 cabins for guests.

Crew on Gulets

Maybe it’s best to tell again (with a good reason) that every gulet has a crew. This means it is taken care of every need you have or might have. That way you get the best travel experience with no worries – an absolute luxury in this times.


The crew is made of the captain that makes sure you safely get everywhere you wish. The cook prepares the food (many of them are true artists!) and a waiter (or a hostess) is there to serve you drinks, food and makes sure everything is tidy.

Need a getaway from the masses and pollution, but with elegant »boat-ride«?

Again – the gulet cruise offers you a perfect way out!


Your only worry is to keep yourself relaxed, while the crew is taking care of everything. We cherish our customers and do everything to make them happy and be as helpful as we can. Our itineraries are made to get you away from the commercialized areas.

LOVE STORY Aerial view

What locations you will see?

Where will you swim?

Which towns you will check?

What about beaches?

Want a feeling of sailing experience and do so while being totally relaxed?

Gulet cruise is what you need. No fear of sudden boat movements, just a wonderful elegance.

Every cabin on a gulet has its own shower, a bathroom, a comfortable bed … A moving hotel room, just better, thus offering you a feeling of much-needed intimacy not many yachts are capable of giving.

ANĐEO Sunset

Of course, there’s no point in saying that the truly majestic views of the sea are free of charge!

What about safety issues for your family? There aren’t any!

If you like sailing or boats, gulet is the best option when coming to safety. You can let yourself relax and play with your children, all the way enjoying the sea … Who knows, you might even get to see dolphins while on a cruise! Every gulet has a spacious salon, a television to keep your children busy and a fence with a safety net …

MEIRA Sun deck

Still not convinced? Plenty of options remain …

You can always find a gulet offering more sailing capability, just make sure to ask for it beforehand.

We are more than happy to help you with finding the best option for you and we are willing to answer every question you might have.

How a day on a gulet looks like

The Untold Truth About Gulet Cruise Holidays

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