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5 Blue cruise Turkey Tips You must know before you book this holidays.

Are you thinking about Blue cruise Turkey? Then you came to the right place. We have prepared for you 5 ultimate tips and great advice if you are considering Turkey as our next destination. 

Blue Cruise Turkey tips

Lots of people believe that renting a gulet in Turkey is very similar to renting a gulet in Greece or in Croatia. 

Some people think that it is also similar to hotel holidays or bare boats.

Let me tell you that they are wrong.

Blue Cruise Turkey is a special type of spending your holidays and a bit different rules apply. 

In this blog post, I will explain 5 things/tips/advice about Blue Cruises in Turkey. I hope they will help you in your decision.

Turkey Blue Cruise Tip no.1 – The choices are HUGE!

In Turkey, nobody is quite sure how many gulets are there for charter. Some say 500 ships. Some think 1.000. Some people say even more. Well I can say there is for around 500 very decent gulets available for charter

But you have to know something. Even if it looks like gulets are all similar to each other, this is not the case. The difference in the crew, food, maintenance, services on gulet and how clean the gulet is can be HUGE!!! 

So the first thing you should know is what kind of cruise might be perfect for you! What to look for if you have small kids.

What to looks for if you have teenagers.

What to book if you are a group of seniors, or you just wish to party? 

Turkey Blue Cruise Tip no.2 – Is this even for you?

Gulet cruises are just not for everybody. This is the fact. You can have same gulet, services, route and food for 2 separate groups. One group will have the most amazing holidays of their lives. The other group will hate it.

So I would truly suggest you get more info about gulets in general before you book anything. Try to determine if this is something, that might be appropriate for you or not.


Turkey Blue Cruise Tip no.3 – Get the most common Questions & Answers here!

We get similar questions all the time:

a) is this safe?

b) how much it costs?

c) will I get seasick?

d) will I be bored?

e) How can a get a huge discount?


So that is why we have collected all this info on a simple 1-page white paper.

If you are interested in Blue Cruise Turkey trip, then this is also the info that will be very handy for you.


Turkey Blue Cruise Tip no.4 – Get the most common answers here!

Do not concentrate only on discounts. This is one of the most important points. Lots of people only look for ultra discounted ships and blackmail for super deals.

There is no such thing as SUPER DEALS! If you get 50% discount you got it only because gulet owner has money problems and is desperate to get your money to pay off the debt to the bank. 

There is also another side of the coin. If some gulet is not giving any discount he is probably booked super good. And he is booked super good because he is giving out incredible services. So if you get a gulet offer on a gulet that is booked very very well and is not giving any discounts, you can be almost 100% sure you will have better holidays, then on a 50% off gulet.


Turkey Blue Cruise Tip no.5 – Get a good advice from somebody that cruised before.

We will be happy to help you. We organized trips for thousands of groups before you so we know what works well. All you have to do is send us Fast Inquiry and we will be happy to guide you through the process.

You can do this by clicking on this button!

If you are interested in more info about cruises in Turkey, you can also click on this link: Blue Cruise Turkey!

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