Maldives Yacht Charter? How it is possible?

Turkey charter cruise. Croatia gulet cruises. Gulets in Greece. Even gulets in Italy and Spain.

But Maldives charter cruise? Is this possible?

We will give you more info about how you can go on a gulet cruise in Maldives on this post.

Gulets holidays are amazing. But gulet charter cruise in Maldives is “out of this World”!

I personally cruised with a gulet in Maldives and I have to say it was one of the best experiences I ever had.

I will name 5 fast reasons why:

  • The sea and the small uninhabited islands are the wonders of nature!
  • Most people go to Maldives for diving. We also tried this and the under water life is crazy!
  • Night fishing in Maldives was just one of lots of amazing things we experienced there. 
  • Swimming with Mantas! Yes, we actually did this and I will remember it for life! We saved swimming with the whale shark for next time.
  • The crew prepared a night picnic for us on this kind of island!? A memory of a lifetime again!

I could make this list much much longer. The fact is Maldives is just amazing. 

But in this post, I would like to explain to you how you can go there and actually cruise with a gulet.

Agency Goolets specializes mostly for Turkey, Croatia and Greece but we can also organize for you a cruise in Maldives.

Gulet from Maldives

We are working with Gulet Keyif (7 cabins for 16 guests).

Gulet is nice standard gulet and they are very good for groups that wish to dive.

Along the gulet they also provide you with a Maldives type vessel Dhoni which has all the equipment for diving.

Charter prices for this gulet cost from € 12.000 – € 15.000 per week (including full board accommodation).

If you have 14 people in your group it will cost you around € 1000 per week which is a very decent price for this kind of cruise.

If you are interested in this kind of cruise just click on this button and let us know about your wishes.

Also cabin charter is possible. You can rent a cabin also and join other people on board. 

You can rent a gulet in Maldives almost all year long.They have from 28 – 32 C all the time but low season there is considered from June – September.   

You should pay some attention to the rainy season but if you are s diver, this will not matter for you.


We have also prepared a nice itinerary suggestion for you to give you some idea what you can do there

Day 1

  • Arrival at Male’ International Airport –will meet you at the airport on arrival and escort you on board with free transfer. The boat is anchored in Hulhumale’ lagoon next to the airport. The transfer will only take 15 minutes. 
  • Take your lunch on board while cruising to Vilivaru Finolhu, a small island in South Male Atoll. 
  • We will stay there for the afternoon to give you a peace of mind after the long flight. You could either take a nap or dip into the water for swimming or snorkeling, you can also relax and sunbathe on the island or the deck for a quiet and relaxing time. Make sure you bring a lot of sun screen to protect your skin from sun burns.
Maldives gulet cruise
  • Around 17:00 pm, the boat will leave to ‘Guraidhoo’, a local island nearby to anchor in safe and calm waters for a quiet night. 
  • Dinner on board at around 19:30 pm. 
  • Enjoy the night entertainment, the bar will be open and most of the international brands of alcohols are available. There will be some card and board games available for you to enjoy your evening.

Day 2 

  • The boat will start the cruise to cross the channel leaving South Male Atoll to Felidhoo Atoll at dawn. 
  • Breakfast will be served en route at around 08:00 am, the trip will take at least 2 hours, but depending on the weather, it might take a bit longer. 
  • Around 09:00 am, the boat will arrive at Alimatha Island Resort. The reef surrounding the island gives you a great possibility for snorkeling, plenty of colorful fish and corals can be seen here.
Maldives beach
  • The boat will leave them to the local island of Fulidhoo, cruising through the atoll, and lunch will be served there on board in Fulidhoo lagoon at around 13:00 pm.
  • After lunch, you can just relax or dip in the water for a nice swim. At 15:00 pm we will visit Fulidhoo – see the local lifestyle for the first time!
  • After dinner on the boat, we will organize a night fishing trip. The bar will be open for you as well to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Day 3 

  • In the morning the boat will leave to Fotheyo Muli, breakfast will be served on the way.
Maldives trip beach
  • At Fotheyo Muli, a small uninhabited island, you will have the possibility for snorkeling and swimming, or have a sunbath on the island. Lunch will be served on the boat, and you can spend a relaxing afternoon on board or go play some beach volley on the island. Enjoy the extreme calmness of the tropical seas! 
  • A BBQ will be organized by us for you on the island’s beach. This is one of our very special for you during the week. After returning to the boat the bar will be open for your entertainment.

Day 4 

  • After breakfast, the boat will leave to Ambara Island, a small beautiful island surrounded by white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Another amazing chance to explore the underwater world while snorkeling.
Maldives trip
  • Lunch will be served during cruising to Dhigiri Island Resort with its amazing colorful reef.
  • Departure to Fulidhoo, another local island, at 15:00 pm. We will visit the island on arrival.
  • Dinner will be served at 19:30 pm
  • We will organize a Night Fishing trip in the island’s big lagoon.
  • Usual night entertainment with fine wine and your choice of cocktails.

Day 5 

  • After breakfast, the boat will leave to South Male Atoll. 
  • We will take you to Rihiveli Sandbank for swimming and sunbathing.
Maldives trip sand beach
  • After lunch, the boat will depart at 15:00 pm to Guraidhoo, a local island. We will visit the island at arrival, and you will have the chance for some souvenir shopping as well as to try the local coffee shops with their unique spicy snacks called ‘hedika’.  
  • Dinner will be served at 19:30 pm on board.
  • After the dinner, enjoy the rest of the evening with usual night entertainment.

Day 6 

  • The boat will leave to Vilivaru Sandbank. Breakfast will be served during the cruise. 
  • We will stay on and around the sandbank for sunbathing, beach-volley, swimming and snorkeling. 
  • Lunch will be served on the board, and at 16:00 pm, we will depart to Emboodhoo Lagoon. The wide calm lagoon invites for swimming just before sunset or just relaxing.     
Big fish
  • A special Maldivian Dinner with local food will be served tonight on board. After the buffet, you will be enjoying a cultural piece of music performed by your boat crew. The local name of the music and dance is called “Bodubeyru”, an ancient festival dance performed in the different public occasion where men and women dance with the rhythm of a drum known as Bodubeyru.

Day 7 

  • After breakfast enjoy your morning while sunbathing on a nearby sandbank, swimming, and snorkeling.
  • After the lunch, the boat will leave to the capital city “Male”, a 2 hours shopping and site seeing tour will be organized in the capital. 
  • 18:30 pm, you will be transferred in Hulhumale’ where you started the journey. 
  • Dinner on board. 
  • Most people want to have a quiet an early night as their last night, you could go back to sleep or do your packing and spend some time enjoying the evening.

Day 8 

  • Breakfast on board
  • Packing and get ready to leave the boat to transfer you to the airport
  • Departure boat will transfer you to the airport depending on your flight time.

If you are interested in Maldives Charter Cruise just let us know and we will be happy to advice you.

Mitja Mirtič 

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