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Climate & weather in Turkey during summer

Turkey’s coast is absolutely beautiful and it is a very popular destination for cruising and homeland to gulet cruises. Yachters and sailors from all over the world can expect a Mediterranean climate of long, hot summers that also extend far into October. Here are some highlights about the climate, wind, and temperature in summer months from May till October!

What’s the weather like in Turkey in May?

The coastal region of Tukey has beautifully hot Mediterranean summers and mild winters. In May you can expect warm sunny weather with low chances of rain. This is, of course, a great time for cruise and enjoyment in super nice weather while avoiding the heavy crowds typical for high season.

The average daily temperature is 21°C which is perfect for exploration on land, and as the day goes by in afternoon temperature may rise to still comfortable 26°C, that can go low down to 16°C at night so we recommend bringing few longer sleeves.

If you want to go enjoy the turquoise sea, you will be refreshed by 19°C ideal temperature for divers.

Marmaris CROP

Temperature air: average 25 °C, falls up to 16°C at night

Humidity: 71 %      

Wind: 9 Mph      

Sea temperature: 19/20ºC

What’s the weather like in Turkey in June?

The hot summer months can be felt in June that can get especially sunny and hot. The temperature on average is 25°C, with highs of 30°C, so sun protection is advised for everyone spending time otdoors. Coastal towns are getting busier but not as busy as in August, so you can still enjoy decent amont of privacy in all areas.

This time of the year is great for yachter because weather conditions are perfect for such activity, and it is unlikely you’ll experience any rain on your holiday at this time of year. As the sun goes down the temperature will get down at comfortable 20°C.


Temperature air: average 30°C, falls up to 20°C at night

Humidity: 69%     

Wind: 11 Mph      

Sea temperature: 22ºC

What’s the weather like in Turkey in July?

Temperatures are at their peak during this time of the year, so July is not recommended for those who wish to do a lot of exploring during the cruise. July can be very hot so the best thing is to keep it easy, relax on the beach and stay under the shade from 11 AM till at least 4 PM.

We recommend you to bring a high factor sun cream. Temperatures can rise above 34ºC in the hottest part of the day, so make sure your air conditioning is working at these times. July is truly ideal for a relaxed easy-going holiday that includes lots of swimming and snorkeling at beautiful destinations.

Turkey, Fethiye

Temperature air: average 30/34°C falls up to 23°C at night

Humidity: 66%      

Wind: 13 Mph      

Sea temperature: 24ºC

What’s the weather like in Turkey in August?

August is a time of the high season where many places get busy by tourists and weather gets extra sunny, making this the perfect time of year to visit if your goals are relaxing on the beach and staying active by using watersports.

Due to high temperatures, it is not advised that you travel with young children, but if you choose to do so make sure to secure them with lots of shade and sun cream, especially between 11 am and 3 pm. After dark, temperatures go down to 22°C, perfect for enjoying dinner on the deck. Aegean waters reach warm 25°C in August.

Night-view-to-the-St.-Peters-castle CROP

Temperature air: average 33°C falls up to 23°C at night

Humidity: 65%      

Wind: 12 Mph      

Sea temperature: 25ºC

What’s the weather like in Turkey in September?

September in coastal Turkey still holds very high temperatures throughout the month with barely cloud in sight, let alone rain. However, it is certainly more pleasant month than August, which can compare to some other destinations in the world.

You can spend time exploring sleepy villages, gorgeous beaches, city centers or other destinations depending on your wishes. Since there is still a lot of sun during the day you will have plenty of time for exploration with the temperature being around 29°C.


Temperature air: average 28/29°C falls up to 18°C at night

Humidity: 66%      

Wind: 11 Mph      

Sea temperature: 24ºC

What’s the weather like in Turkey in October?

Temperatures can go down at this time of the year, but for the most part, the temperature is still warm at 25ºC, which is warm enough for swimming and having fun with your closest ones on beach or yacht. Humidity’s low which is great if you want to do hiking or simple sightseeing.

The lowest temperature of on average 15ºC can be expected only during night time, with also moderate risque of rain. The sea temperature is still warm but refreshing at a temperature of 22ºC.


Temperature air: average 24°C falls up to 15°C at night

Humidity: 63%      

Wind: 10 Mph      

Sea temperature: 22ºC

May and October: off - season 

These months are the ideal perfect for those who want to avoid big groups of tourist and are just seeking for privacy. In May & October, most amazing gulets are still available and they come at the most affordable price so you can save some money and invest it in, for example, best quality food on board.

July and August: high - season 

All the sun worshipers ill enjoy these months since there is plenty of it! This is also the time when coastal destinations are the most lively and full of fun events. The downside for some may be the fact that prices are highest in this period because this is the time of the high season. 

June and September: mid - season 

This is the best month to cruise because it has a perfect blend of everything. You can enjoy the sunshine and slightly cooler temperature. You will successfully avoid all the big crowds, but you’ll get to see that they are places are slowly getting busier.

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